the art of slow living

the art of slow living - lavender bundle

To be the happiest and healthiest we can be, I think we could all benefit from a slower gear, a pause for thought, more moments of stillness. Even if society; work, friends, family, life in general demands for us to move more quickly, perhaps we should resist the need for speed and opt for some slower living.

Slow living is nothing new, people have been living simply for centuries, but the term as we know it today is becoming increasingly popular. Used to describe a lifestyle that provides a different approach to the hustle and bustle of 21st century life, it encourages a slower pace, and values a mindful approach, with the aim of being present and whole.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could sink into and enjoy our days, as opposed to rushing through them feeling disconnected? After all it is so easy to miss those wonderful wholehearted moments by being distracted with work, stress and the busyness of life. 

If we can simplify our homes, belongings, and schedules, and try to completely unplug from technology and social networks for designated days, then we can create more space in our week for the things we love. When we are playing with our children, let’s play hard. Let us remember that we need time to nurture and tend to ourselves. Finally let us try to breathe into the moments of rest and truly relax in them - unburdened by the guilty feeling that we should be crossing some thing of our ‘to do list’.