Table set for lunch at our Gather and Tend day retreat

Table set for lunch at our Gather and Tend day retreat

Gather and Tend Slow Living Day Retreat | October 4th | Tilton House

The day retreat will be taking place on October the 4th 2018 9.30am – 4.30pm at the incredible Tilton House. Steeped in Bloomsbury history the Georgian farmhouse has a wonderfully rich creative heritage. Surrounded by the beautiful Sussex countryside of the South Downs National Park, it really is the perfect place to gather and tend to your soul.


What you will learn…

Floral arranging, still life styling and photography

Yoga, meditation and mindfulness

A chance to gather with like-minded folk

A chance to tend and nurture yourself

2 course vegetarian lunch is provided


Early Bird tickets £195 – SOLD OUT

Back to school discount £215 – over 15% off

Full price tickets £245 - SOLD OUT

Mindful nature walk on our slow living retreat

The day is made up of four workshop sessions….

Mindful Nature Walk-shop with Melanie Barnes

We will take a walk through the beautiful Sussex Downs and will look at how to be with nature in a mindful and restorative way. I will help you bring your awareness to notice and focus on the details that are around you. We will then turn our attention within our bodies to slow our breath, and to begin to reconnect to ourselves, letting nature ground us. 

During the walk we will also look at outdoor photography and there will be an opportunity to play with your camera and follow your inspiration. I will share my process of capturing nature and my surroundings. Plus, for those that would like to move into shooting in manual there will be a chance to experiment with your manual settings and I am happy to answer any questions I can.

We will also do a spot of foraging for your flower arrangements.

Floral Arrangement Session with Emma Harris

During this session, Emma will demonstrate how to create a natural and wild arrangement, loosely inspired by the British florist Constance Spry. We will include foraged pieces from our mindful walk, seasonal flowers and hopefully some fruit and/or vegetables. You will then go on to create your own arrangement, with as much or as little help as you would like, in a beautiful vessel that will be yours to take home. The aim of the session, is to give you confidence to understand how colours, flower shapes and forms work together, so you can go on to create your own arrangements at home.

Still-Life Session with Emma Harris

After lunch, we will work with the arrangements we created earlier to set-up still-life vignettes. Emma will demonstrate and share her knowledge for creating a scene with depth, and beauty, using the arrangements and various props. Next you will have the opportunity to create your own still-life, which we will then photograph. Emma will share her tips on light, composition, editing, best places and times to shoot, and honing a consistent style. Students are welcome to ask questions along the way.

Yoga Session, Meditation and Deep Relaxation with Melanie Barnes

For the final session of the day we will head deep into the woods into the yurt to reconnect to our bodies. The gentle yoga session will look at how to release and let go of tension through breath and movement. There will be a guided visualisation to help you sink into a deep relaxation and the session will close with a meditation.

Day includes:

  • 2 course seasonal vegetarian lunch

  • Tea and coffee, and cake breaks

Take homes: 

  • Floral arrangment and vessel

  • Meditation hand-out and audio guided body scanning visualisation (download link to be provided)

  • Goody bag


To book your place on the day retreat please email