stress & slow living on Geoffrey & Grace

I think a lot of people have misconceptions about slow living. One of the biggest myths, is about stress. If you are pursuing a life where your priority is to slow down, and connect, and fill your day with wholehearted moments, is there any room for rushing around, being busy, and feeling stressed?

I would get it a lot as a yoga teacher, my students would assume I floated about in a little zen bubble all day, not getting angry, or feeling anxious. I understand why they thought that, they only knew me through a certain context. However, stress is unavoidable, and I am naturally quite an anxious person – not to the Woody Allen extreme – but I have to work at keeping any worries in-check, other wise it can be all-consuming.

With my work, just like any other job, I come across situations that cause me stress. I also encounter days where I am really really busy – days when what needs to get done, trumps how much time I have to do it in.

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the world according to Bailey (4 & a half) on Geoffrey & Grace

Thanks for all your well wishes about starting school. So far, so good.

It’s been a little while since I’ve done one of these posts, so I thought I would share some of the wonderful things Bailey has said over the last three months or so –  life through the eyes of a four and a half year old.

Her language is still punctuated by ‘4 year old talk’, she mispronounces things, or gets the tense wrong. Or she’ll use words or phrases that are beyond her years, which instantly makes them funny. Best of all though, is the little glimpse we get into her imagination and sense of humour. The way she gets lost in her creative play is something else, and it is quite magical to be around.

Here is the world according to Bailey….

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Monthly Voice August on Geoffrey & Grace

August has been as sweet as peaches. Full of long days, where the sunlight lingers late into the evening and the heat hangs in the air.

I love Autumn, but I always find the summer hard to let go of. If you read my last post, you will know why particularly the start of this September was always going to be tricky. But, before we get lost in this month, here is the ‘Monthly Voice for August’ featuring what we’ve been loving and what has captured my heart this month…

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Changes, new beginnings and a new moon on Geoffrey & Grace

This last few weeks I have felt that there are a lot of new beginnings just around the corner. Along with the change of the season, September always brings a general ‘back to school’ feeling, plus it’s Bailey’s first day of school ever this week.

Also, the start of the month saw the start of a new moon. I don’t know much about astrology, and I don’t even read my horoscope very often, but more and more I am noticing how the moon effects my mood and emotions. And, whilst there are actually some big changes happening at the moment, I am sure the new moon intensified some of what I, and others (including the four year old) have been feeling.

I know the heaviest of these changes is Bailey starting school. She knows something is about to be different, but until she has actually started, the idea is a bit conceptual for her, and for me too. It’s hard to fast-forward and know precisely how you will feel about an event, even one that has been a long time coming. Actually, I think in some ways, the anticipation and build up makes it worse. All Summer we have talked about school, been to buy the uniform, got new shoes etc… all of these individual things that lead up to this week, just add a bit of pressure.

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A Home for the Bees with Taylors Tea on Geoffrey & Grace

We are a vegetarian household, but are not vegan, however we still like to say “thank you to the bees” when we eat any honey. But these busy, buzzing insects do more than just make honey, and are responsible for pollinating a large percentage of the world’s crops and wild flowers.

It was a real pleasure to be asked by Taylors Teas of Harrogate to help spread the word about how much bees actually do, and what we can do to support them.

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