Slow living reflect: moments captured

photo by Ellie @petalplum for slow living reflect on Geoffrey & Grace
Photo courtesy of Ellie @petalplum

June’s focus for the #slowliving_ project was ‘reflect’. Again, it was a word that summed up how both Danielle and I have been feeling of late, as the project reaches its one year anniversary at the end of the month.

It’s only natural to feel reflective when something is coming to a close. For those that are new to the project (and a little reminder for those that have been present since the beginning), here is why we started the slow living collaboration

After a busy few months at the end of last spring I wrote a post about ‘My Summer of Slow Living‘. It seemed to resonate with so many people, and I was suddenly aware of this deep desire to slow down. Not just from myself and my family, but from friends and blog readers too.

There seemed to be this instant community of people looking for an alternative way to live their lives. Longing for a slower and more meaningful approach, as opposed to the busy hustle of life that we sometimes find ourselves automatically falling into. After a bit of thought, it seemed pretty clear to me, and actually very simple too… we are all after the same thing… those wholehearted and connected moments that fuel our existence. When we are whizzing through the day it’s so easy to miss those bits. By slowing things down, and taking a breath every now and again, we create the space required to be present in those wonderfully wholehearted moments.

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Bee eco wraps winner

bee eco wraps winner on Geoffrey & Grace

Hope you all had a lovely weekend. Just a quick one from me today. Many thanks for all your kind words about the blog redesign, they’re much appreciated. I also wanted to let you know the name of the winner of the pack of five GOTS certified organic cotton bee eco wraps.

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Butterfly friendly plants – part one

Butterfly friendly plants - part one, on Geoffrey & Grace

The Wildlife charity ‘Butterfly Conservation’ have teamed up with B&Q, to help spread the word about butterfly friendly plants. When they asked if I’d like to be involved, and help support the project and promote butterfly conservation, I was so excited. Especially since it meant having our own caterpillars (from Gribbly Bugs) that would transform into butterflies. I knew Bailey would be fascinated, and that she would learn so much about nature through the process.

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the big reveal: inspirational workspace & magnetic wall

finished: inspirational work space and magnetic wall on Geoffrey & Grace

My inspirational work space with a magnetic wall is finished at last. For those that missed posts ‘one’ and ‘two’ you can catch up here and here.

I started moving things back into the room about 10 days ago, and have been working in the space since then. It took me a while to unpack and organise things, but I am already feeling at home.

It is so wonderful to have my own workspace to retreat to, and it has already made a really big impact on how we live as a family. Working at the kitchen table was really encroaching on our family space, and I never felt like I completely switched off.

Now I have this perfect little room to type away in, and sew when the mood takes me.

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Monthly Voice: June

Monthly Voice June on Geoffrey & Grace

June, what a funny month you have been. Summer disappeared and the referendum happened. Definitely a month of two halves; the first filled with lovely things and sunshine, the second full of heavy skies, thunder storms, a general angsty feeling with the approaching full moon, and capped off with Britain leaving Europe!

The Monthly voice for June is therefore a bit of a mixed bag. I have been trying to grab the happy with both hands when it’s there, and only think about the much weightier stuff when it’s absolutely necessary. It’s not that I am trying to ignore anything, but I also can’t let all that is happening consume me.

This is what our little world looked liked for the month of June.

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