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Why wholehearted and creative living is the way forward. Why it's important to make space for creative things every day. Let's spread an awareness of why being creative is essential for wellbeing, and how creativity enriches our lives.Some of you may have noticed a few small changes to the Geoffrey & Grace blog recently.

Several things have happened over the last couple of months that have made me think about why I am doing what I do, and how I do what I do.

One thing that has been at the forefront of my thinking is Holly Becker’s advice to “use your blog as a catalyst to help you live the best life possible”. I think this is a great suggestion and my blog is constantly challenging me to learn and develop, but I also want to inspire others to get the most out of their life, and live the best life possible.

As a lifestyle blog, you could argue that our focus can be on the style and image of something. We want to create a specific look and present you with a pretty picture – this is one of the ways that we hope to spread a bit of inspiration. However there is a big difference between being inspirational and being aspirational. I don’t wish to give the appearance of a perfect life, because nobody’s life is perfect, and how would that inspire you? I am aiming to strike a happy balance of being inspirational, whilst also sharing my flaws – a lifestyle blog with heart, you could say.

With these thoughts floating around in my brain, and after writing my post on ‘what it means to be brave and vulnerable‘, I came across a Ted talk by Brene Brown. Now wherever you stand on fate and destiny, sometimes things happen in your life and the timing couldn’t be more perfect. If something about that post resonated with you, I would urge you to listen to her talk – it’s really fantastic.

The gist of it was…  connection is why we are all here. For real connection you have to have courage and be authentic. To be authentic, you have to “let go of who you think you are supposed to be”, and allow yourself to be who you really are (imperfections and all)…. That’s a biggie right! But most importantly for real connection you have to allow yourself to be vulnerable. One of my favourite lines from her talk was “we have to let ourselves be deeply seen”.

Some of you may not know but throughout all of my twenties and my early thirties I studied and/or taught yoga. I have updated my ‘about’ section recently and you can read a bit more about that there. However for a few years, yoga hasn’t been such an active part of my life. I recently began my practice again though, and had forgotten what a positive impact it has on my day, and how much it feeds into who I am.

All of this ‘stuff’ has led me to come full circle and I have realised that the two things that are most important to me, are being creative and living my life wholeheartedly. That is what I want to facilitate with this blog – for me, and for those who read it.

Which is why I have decided to make the Geoffrey & Grace blog a place for wholehearted and creative living. A place that has it’s roots in being true and authentic. A space to allow ourselves to sit with our imperfections and allow ourselves to be vulnerable – which is essential for creativity. Somewhere to encourage creativity in all its forms. Somewhere that places importance on making space for creative things in the everyday. Finally spreading an awareness of how being creative is essential for wellbeing, and how it enriches our lives.

I think these are some pretty good guidelines to live by, and am sure they will make my life healthier and happier.

Why wholehearted and creative living is the way forward. Why it's important to make space for creative things every day. Let's spread an awareness of why being creative is essential for wellbeing, and how creativity enriches our lives.

I would love to know what it is about the Geoffrey & Grace blog that you enjoy and you feel connected to.

P.S. I also have a yoga and wellness Pinterest board which you can follow here.


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  • What a lovely post Mel xx

    • geoffreyandgrace

      Thank you Hannah 🙂 x

  • Life experience has shown me that in many ways I am not brave; I have a tendency to run away from conflict and to crumble when attacked. But I find it very difficult to be anything other than my own, imperfect self. I don’t really know how to be anything else! I would say also that by allowing ourselves to be vulnerable and “deeply seen” we have to take on board that the more sensitive souls amongst us may get a bit bruised by what people do with that vulnerability. Putting yourself “out there” can be a daunting rollercoaster ride – sometimes it’s horrible, and sometimes it’s the most rewarding thing in the world.

    • geoffreyandgrace

      I too do not like conflict, and have often felt ‘bruised’ by putting myself out there, but what is the alternative… to not take part, sit on the sidelines and be a spectator. I know that I am sensitive but it is my strength as well as sometimes being my weakness. When I have felt bruised by a situation I can always learn something about myself or about people in general. So I try to hang onto all that positive stuff, and as you say it is a ride, so I am trying my best to enjoy it 🙂

  • What lovely words Melanie. I have always loved the personal aspect of your posts, your openness and honesty – that’s what I connect to. I think you’ve been doing wholehearted and creative for a long time, but it’s great to crystalise our aims and intentions. Putting yourself out there is hard, but if you don’t try, you’ll never know – I have to keep reminding myself of that! xxx

    • geoffreyandgrace

      Thank you Zoe, it’s lovely to know what you connect to and also great that you think I’ve been doing wholehearted and creative for a long time 🙂 Yes, it is hard to put yourself out there, but if we are all supportive of each other then it will become easier Xx

  • What a gorgeous post! I love your blog and your future plans for this lovely space sound just perfect. Looking forward to it, Bee Xx

    PS I have been enjoying your yoga and wellness pins. X

    • geoffreyandgrace

      Thank you Bee for your kind words 🙂 and so glad you have been enjoying the yoga and wellness pins X

  • Grace,
    I too was struck by Holly’s suggestion to use the blog as inspiration. Did we take that class together? Because I get that feeling that we’ve been doing a side by side growing thing I’ve declared this my year to creative come out even though like you again, I’ve already been doing it without realizing. And Yes to Brene Brown, vulnerability, authenticity, and finding your tribe! Yay us.

  • I love that Ted talk – I remember watching it after it was recommended by Sasha from Inked in Colour (have you read her blog!?). It’s very powerful and you are so right about the difference between being inspirational and aspirational. So looking forward to comparing notes with everyone this weekend… and being vulnerable! It’s gonna be great! x

  • Loved this post Melanie! You are inspirational in the best most authentic way. xx