tired but content – the days after our vintage jumble

tired but content - the days after a vintage jumble

What a wonderful day Sunday was. Having never done a vintage jumble sale before, we weren’t quite sure what to expect. The hall had such a lovely atmosphere, and was soon buzzing with the happy sounds of friendly conversation and clinking china. Petal and Feast did such a perfect job with the tea and cake. It was great to see that people made an afternoon of it, and sat down in the hall to re-fuel on some tasty treats, before doing another circuit in case they’d missed some gems first time round.

I am currently feeling very tired, but very content. It warms my heart to have spent the afternoon in good company, and I feel proud of our little vintage jumble. We raised £150 on the door, which we will donate to Save the Children.

I didn’t manage to take any pictures of the day, as I was a bit rushed off my feet. Katy managed to snap a few (well done Katy), and you can see them over on Apartment Apothecary, they are well worth a look as she captured the day beautifully. I did of course make 10 minutes to have a little play with some flowers and some of my vintage fabric to celebrate the 12th Instagram World Wide Meet Up #wwim12. After all, that is how I met lots of the women with whom I organised this event, and now I am pleased to say we have become dear friends.

I have talked on here before about how Instagram and it’s online community has impacted my life in a positive way, and on Sunday in the King Edward village hall in Lindfield, some of that community came together. Some to sell, some to buy, but all under one roof. I was able to match faces to Instagram profiles, and hugs were exchanged. I am still carrying that sense of community and friendship with me well into my week, and for that I am very thankful. As someone who enjoys time on my own and possibly has a habit of isolating myself, events like this are a great reminder of how much community matters and what a precious thing it is to have a true friend.

tired but content - the days after a vintage jumble

Thank you to all that came and bought. It is nice to think that the bits and pieces that were being unused in this house have moved on to be appreciated and loved by another.

Some of the vintage fabric, crockery, and dresses that I didn’t sell will now be for sale at Margot, so if you were unable to come but want a little vintage rummage, you know were to find us.


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