the joy in not doing

me staring at the sea

I enjoy being busy and I like to have a project on the go – or more accurately several projects on the go. Generally I like to be productive with my days and to feel like I have achieved something. I know raising a child is a big achievement, and a full time job, but I like to squeeze a little bit of creative fun into my day too.

There are days and weeks however, when I don’t feel like being productive at all and only the bare minimum gets done. The last week has been a bit like this. Most days I have just fancied mooching about; maybe watching some trashy TV, or just pottering. I have struggled to get motivated to do anything, even though there is lots I could be doing.

In the past if I was having a few unproductive days of not making, creating or writing, I would find myself itching to cross something off my list. In the need to achieve something, I would push myself to get something done, however forcing myself to get in the mood and make something never seems to turn out well.

I have come to realise that the drive to create and make will return and it’s much better to be patient and ride out the lull of not making. More importantly, I am learning to enjoy the downtime of being unproductive, as much as the making and creating itself. I have found the joy in not doing.

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  • I can so relate to this! I left my job last October to take a career break to try and rest and recover from chronic fatigue. It’s been a big learning curve – I’m not very good at letting go and have a chronic need to “achieve” all the time! But many days, my body objects and I’m too knackered to do anything. I’m learning to enjoy those days, and be content with not really doing anything – just going with the flow. I love a good potter, and I’m so enjoying operating at a slower speed. Learning to just “be” is a great thing 🙂

    • Thanks Zoe. My husband tells me I should write resting and relaxing on my ‘to do’ list, as they are just as important, if not more so than all the other stuff. Good luck with the not doing… we’ll get there 🙂