the gift of being present

the gift of being present on Geoffrey & Grace

The seasons are always a constant reminder of the passing of time. I think I notice the changes most in late spring and early summer though. First the Magnolias come and go, then the Blossoms bloom and fall, and currently we are in the heady midst of Lilac season here in England.

the gift of being present on Geoffrey & Grace
There is a beautiful tree that we pass on our daily walk. Last week it was covered in bountiful buds of soft blossom. The wind was blowing the blossom free and it was snowing pretty pink petals everywhere. I managed to take these photos of Bailey, and was captivated watching the pure joy on her face as she twirled, danced, and giggled.

the gift of being present on Geoffrey & Gracethe gift of being present on Geoffrey & Gracethe gift of being present on Geoffrey & Grace
This week all the blossom has gone. No pretty pink pom-poms on the tree, no carpet of petals to lay amongst.

The fact that the blossom disappeared so quickly and left no trace at all, and Bailey’s ability to be so beautifully in the moment, reminded me how important it is to stay present.

the gift of being present on Geoffrey & Grace
It would have been so easy to miss all of this. In fact we very nearly didn’t make the time to stop. The very thought that this moment could have passed us by makes me sad.

For Bailey and I, this time was an opportunity to do more than simply play. We were able to have a wonderfully wholehearted moment were we both just got to ‘be’.

Life is always offering us guidance and showing us what counts, we just need to slow down enough to see it. Often it reminds us of things that deep down we already know, but the stresses of life come along, and make us forget.

the gift of being present on Geoffrey & Grace

Today I wanted to share this with you in the hope that it will prompt you to be as present as possible. Make sure you take all the joy that comes your way, let it swell from within, because in the end each wholehearted moment is all we really have. Time will pass, and if you are in too much of a rush, you will have missed the flowers in bloom – so stop and look around, it’s all happening in front of you, right here, and right now.

What daily reminders do you notice that help you stay present?


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  • Oh I absolutely agree with this. We have to stop and take a few moments.

    • It seems odd to me that we have developed a society and pace of life that doesn’t support this more. x

  • samara

    gorgeous pictures!

  • :: danielle ::

    Gorgeous photos Melanie, but more importantly gorgeous moments and memories. Thank you for sharing.

    • Thank you Danielle – it was indeed a wonderful moment.

  • Holly

    Hi Melanie, these are gorgeous pics! Do you use your dslr for Instagram pics too or are they iPhone? X X

    • Thanks Holly 🙂 These were taken on my DSLR, and I use a mixture of iPhone snaps and DSLR pics on Instagram.