the big 6 months

Bailey cheap jerseys is just 6 months old. Can’t believe it. I know that’s a cliched thing to say (and here’s another one…) but it has just gone so quickly. Although there have been days that have seemed so very long; when she is up at 5am full of bouncing and smiles.

It’s an exciting time for us and a time of discovery for Bailey. There are lots of new things she cheap jerseys can do. Lots of ‘firsts’ for wholesale jerseys her. Recently she has learnt to; was roll on to her tummy, she is a saying “da da” and other consonant sounds, she has got really good at grabbing and will try to grab absoulutley everything. Whatever she has PELLENTESQUE in her hands then tends to migrate towards the mouth as all things need blessing with a bit of baby dribble (see above). Finally, most importantly of all, she can blow a big fat raspberry which tickles me greatly.

With this wave of excitement with all the new things she can do, I also feel a tinge of sadness as the wholesale nfl jerseys newborn phase is finally over. She is definitly no longer a smushy faced wrinkly little being who can just about manage to open one eye to peer into the world to see what it has to offer. It is the end of that chapter and the beginning of the next.


Ahead of us we have all the fun of cheap jerseys the food to explore and at some point she will move in to her own room (which means we’ll get our room back). Not sure I can remember what it’s like to sleep without a little person next to the bed!

Big things to come!



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