How breath is key... not just in Yoga, but in life in general. Breath is intrinsically linked to our well being. All yoga postures and movement start with a single inhale or exhale. Breath is where our energy and power comes from when we need it, it is also the key to letting go and releasing in certain postures. Read more about how breath helps me reconnect and find some stillness....

When I make it onto my yoga mat, it’s an opportunity for me to connect to myself. Firstly through, my breath… with every inhale, and exhale I feel myself arrive… my body, mind and spirit join together. Sometimes it can be the first time that day, that I am truly present in the moment.

Recently my body has been feeling pretty tired, so naturally I have wanted to do a gentle practice; a few postures, and a bit of stretching to get my body moving and work out any creases. A lot of pranayama (breath work) and always a little mediation and relaxation at the end.

Breath is the key…

At the moment, breath seems to be the starting point for everything. Not just during my yoga practice, but in life in general. I keep being reminded how important the quality of our breath is, and how it is intrinsically linked to our well being. Whilst, on my mat all the movement stems from a single inhale or exhale. Breath is where our energy and power comes from when we need it, it is also the key to letting go and releasing in certain postures. Breath can help us with accessing both the softer side, our moon energy, and also our strength and sun energy.  It’s remarkable how it can morph and shape into what we need.

It’s our breath that guides us (if we let it), it moves and floats around our body, filling it with light when necessary and falling away to nothing. Being completely tuned into the flow of our breath helps us find that blissful stillness, when our mind, body and soul are at peace.

We all need to slow down and make space for that stillness – time to come home and reconnect to ourselves. However, often we are not great at prioritising that, myself included. I know why we avoid it, because it is easier to keep busy, and find distractions rather than sit with ourselves and confront whatever it is that is going on for us. Fear keeps us from wanting to take that quiet time. Ironically, when life is being challenging, that is when we need that time to ourselves for real connection the most.

Summer Workshop

I will be teaching a yoga workshop at the The Sisterhood Camp Retreat in June.

As it has been so much in my thoughts, the worskhop will focus deeply on breath.

Suitable for all levels, this gentle class will look at various pranayama techniques in isolation. We will then look at how our breath can help us move and stretch the body. The class will end with a relaxation and meditation.

There are still some places available and currently there is a special discount for Mother’s day. If you share a private double room (with your mum, sister or good friend) there is a 15%  discount available. Simply, enter the code MOTHER15 at the checkout. You can find further details about the retreat here.


I have been thinking about sharing more about my yoga practice on the blog. It would be really helpful to know how many of you would be interested in learning about yoga, meditation and holistic wellbeing in general. If you have a spare moment, I would love it if you left a comment to let me know your thoughts. Or you can also direct message me on Instagram or Twitter  – thanks so much for taking the time.

The beautiful flowers photographed in this post were provided by the The Real Flower Company.

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