love, a poem, and other stuff

love, a poem and other stuff on the Geoffrey & Grace blog

Last week was half term here in England. It was also my Birthday and to help me celebrate we had some family come to stay. The house was very full as my sister and brother-in-law have a nearly two year old, and a four month old. The hallway was filled with the happy sounds of little feet and giggles, plus I got some birthday ‘baby cuddles’.

Hannah, from Seeds and Stitches has invited me to share some thoughts about ‘love’, so tomorrow I will be over on her lovely little corner of the internet taking about ‘love… and learning to love yourself‘. I do hope you will hop over for a read. I will give you a gentle social network prod tomorrow as a reminder.

Since my thoughts have been focused on ‘love’ for most of the month, after all it is February, I’ve been writing the aforementioned guest post, plus it’s the theme for our slow living project, I thought it was a good time to share something a little different here on the Geoffrey & Grace blog – a poem.

I feel a bit nervous about this one, as normally nobody else gets to read my poetry… but here goes…


I find myself swimming in a sea of smiles.

Soaked by the sun of your love.

I slip beneath the surface and submerge myself.



                                  Floating in your sweet thoughts.

I climb into your deep warmth and find a place to rest.

To lie. To be.




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