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The mornings are getting darker and I really struggled to get out of bed yesterday. On gloomy mornings like these, when I really need it most, Bailey sometimes becomes a little ray of light – smiling and shining her way through those early hours. Like a beacon helping me find my way through a thick blanket of fog.

I am so full of cold and so very tried. I actually asked my husband if he could have the morning off work to do the pre-school run! I am not very good at asking for help, so that perhaps gives you an idea at how rubbish I was feeling.

I can assure you Bailey is not all sunshine and smiles every morning, and sure is trouble when she wants to be. Even on a day when she is in a lovely mood, we still have the same exhausting three and half year old battles – it’s a struggle to brush her teeth, get her shoes on etc!

This morning though, it was if she had been sprinkled with extra sweetness. Our dialogue on the soggy pre-school run definitely brightened up my spirit…

 “I like the smell of rain mummy” (whilst opening her mouth wide to try and eat some). “Aren’t the leaves such pretty colours, mummy, do you like them?”

Listening to her, it struck me how beautifully present she was. She doesn’t know how to be anything but perfectly in the moment. She is always taking it all in – absorbing every ounce of her surroundings for all they are worth. It’s so wonderful to witness, but more than that, she lifts me out of myself, and makes me look up at the world.

Even with a head full of cold and a mounting pile of tissues big enough to be an art installation, she had me smiling and noticing the beauty that was present in the day.

Isn’t it a shame that as we weave our way through life we loose that ability. It is no longer second nature to us. I am going to work really hard, as Bailey grows, to help her hang on to that magical quality – to be as present as possible, look at life with eyes wide open, and see the beauty that is all around. I am so glad she is there to be my little ray of light and can help me do the same. That in itself is something to be very thankful for.

Do you notice the same about your little ones? Do they say and do things that snap you back down to earth in an instant? Would love to hear some of your stories.


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