finding comfort when life gets hard…

inspiration for when life gets hard on the Geoffrey & Grace blog

When life gets hard, something I find to be helpful is writing my thoughts down. It sounds so simple to do, but it can be so cathartic.

More and more I find writing to be like a meditation, a chance to deeply tune into one aspect of my life. Sometimes my head can be quite full, and writing is a good way for me to order my thoughts and sift through them. If the same thing keeps bobbing to the surface even amongst the calm, if something is niggling away at me then I know it is time to address it.

Whilst sitting at my kitchen table with a cup of tea for comfort, I can begin to face the thing that has been lurking uncomfortably. The repetitive action of tapping my thoughts into the laptop helps me move on and begin to let go of whatever it is that is troubling me.

Having said that, the cloud that has been hovering for a while now, is a tricky one to shake. Even on the sunniest of days, it can still find me. I am struggling to even go through the process that has previously been so helpful. It would seem I have picked up a thing or two from my toddler, who is a master in avoidance at bedtime, and I am managing to find any excuse to put off confronting this one.

Eventually when I can bring myself to sit and write, I know my words will be met by others who have had similar experiences. I am hanging on to the knowledge that I am not alone in how I am feeling. Like finding a star on a dark, dark night, that is just the little bit of light I need.

I am fixing my gaze on that bright spot, (hiding all my Cure CDs) and telling myself everything will be okay, even though it’s hard to feel that at the moment. I know it is just life being life, but it got me thinking about how we cope with the rubbish stuff that comes along with being a grown up.

What do you do when life gets hard? Have you got strategies to help you cope when things are difficult? Would be interested to hear how you get through the tough stuff.


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