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Talking a little bit about being calm and being creative today. I know it is nearly March, but back in the new year I picked a word for 2015. My word for this year is ‘calm’.

If you’ve not heard about this concept before, let me explain… The idea is you choose a word that represents something you want to work on, or improve, or something you want more of in your life. This word can then be brought to mind or reflected on at certain times. It can also help to focus your intent.

To share a little of my past today, I used to be a yoga teacher. Through teaching and studying yoga I know the impact that mantra and meditation can have, and it can be profound. I think that picking a word for the year is a really accessible way to bring about positive change.

It should be quite obvious after all of last years happenings why I might be hankering after a little bit of ‘calm’. Also it is imperative that there is a bit of space and a pause for breath in my week to make room for anything creative. To me these two words are inextricably linked. When I am calm, I feel creative, and when I am being creative, I am calm.

As Bailey is just three, tantrums and general silliness are common place in my week. The words ‘calm down’ are a regular part of our dialogue. I really want to instill in her a calm approach to whatever it is that’s irking her that day.

I know it is part of her natural development to have tantrums and express herself. It’s just kids are like little sponges – they see eveything we do and learn from us – good and bad, and I think there is room for improvement for me to be calmer with my approach to some situations.

Before I became a mother if someone had asked me if I was a creative person, I would have said ‘a bit’. Over the last three years since having Bailey it has dawned on me how creative I can be, and actually what a massive part of my make up it is. It’s almost like a bit of me was sleeping and suddenly I found it again, this need to create and express. It seems stupid when I type it here… but there it is.

2015 is the year for me to be as calm as possible and as creative as possible. Having finally found the areas I want to explore, the mediums that suit me best, I am going to hone (and most importantly) own my creative style.

Wish me luck.

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  • I always find you a very calming influence, and the more I learn , the more I would say your creativity has never slept, just been looking for the best outlet at the right time x

    • geoffreyandgrace

      Thanks Sarah-Lou 🙂 Nice to know I am a calming influence. Xx

  • I agree, you always seem calm to me, I bet you would put me to shame in certain parenting situations, but it’s so hard when they are testing you all the time. And yes, you are an incredibly creative lady, and I’m enjoying watching you realise that by sharing more xx

    • geoffreyandgrace

      Thanks Emma 🙂 And you are right they do test you all the time, some days it feels like there is no let up and that’s when I need to be at my calmest Xx