what it means to be brave and vulnerable

what it means to be brave and vulnerable

To be brave is such an important part of life. We can not know true love if we are not brave, we can not truly learn and develop if we are not brave enough to try, and then fail. Being brave doesn’t mean that you don’t feel the fear, it means that you do feel it, but you try anyway.

I have been struggling with my confidence a little bit recently and feeling a little bit lost. It can be tiring to put yourself out there, whether it’s online through my blog or social networks, through my making, or generally through friendships and relationships. These last few weeks I have been feeling pretty exhausted and have had days where I just want to hide away from everything.

I try to remind myself that I am quite a sensitive soul, I always have been. I think about things A LOT, I feel a multitude of things all the time, I consider others a great deal, and how my actions will affect them. I have to really concentrate to keep my head down, ‘do me’ and not worry about everything.

When I am in the middle of feeling like this I have to challenge myself to be brave, and do things that I feel a bit uncomfortable with, or am scared of. Whilst trying to balance that with giving myself a break, not being too hard on myself, and applauding myself for having a go.

I don’t want life and opportunities to pass me by because I can sometimes feel unsure of myself. If my three year old can be brave and fearless, then so can I.

I write this post not in the hope of sympathy, or in the hope that you will give my ego a good boost, but simply because I can not be the only one who feels like this sometimes. I have a sneaky suspicion that lots of people feel like this lots of the time, but that we have gotten quite good at hiding it.

To the outside world, and even to some friends and family I might appear confident, and secure in what I am doing all the time. Of course this can not be true. We are all human and we all have insecurities.

Maybe to some, being sensitive and vulnerable is considered a weakness, and sometimes I sure feel that way, that it holds me back, or slows me down, but also, it is this aspect of me that drives me to write, to create, to make, to express, to share, to connect with all the good things that are in this world.

I must remember to take more comfort in the fact that I am joining in. I get to be creative and share personal experiences with others, and even though it can be raw to share something you have poured your heart into – that this in itself is brave.

I hope this post inspires you to be brave and vulnerable, to challenge yourself and put yourself ‘out there’. Remember that if you are feeling unsure of everything, you are not alone. Go get a hug from your nearest and dearest and dare to be brave… you never know… magical things might happen.



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