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pink & brown vintage fabric

Hurrah it’s a blog hop! What’s a blog hop I hear you call? Well it’s a clever way to discover other lovely blogs. There are lots and lots of blogs out there in the blogoshpere so it’s nice to be able to point you in the direction of some I enjoy reading.

The lovely Sarah-Lou from Lapin Blu kindly nominated me, and you can discover her lovely pastel yarny world over on her blog. BUT before you do, I hope you will read the questions she asked me about making and inspiration, and find out who my hoppees are too. Wow, you’ve got some gorgeous blogs awaiting you. I think you better clear your afternoon…


pink & brown vintage fabric

Sarah-Lou: What have been the makings at your making table in the last week?

Geoffrey & Grace: I have a new make idea floating about in my mind, so I have been doing some of the planning behind that. Thinking about the design, function etc, and making sure I have all the bits and pieces I will need when I actually get some time to start the piece. I don’t get lots of time in my week to sew, nowhere near as much as I could fill! I also don’t get to make something every week, it depends what other stuff needs doing. At the moment I am re-designing my blog – so there will be a new look Geoffrey & Grace blog soon (hopefully) – therefore a lot of my spare time has been devoted towards this. Even though aspects of this are fun, and I am looking forward to revealing it to everyone, it is really time consuming. I can’t wait for it to be complete, to free up my time to do more making.

I also have to be very focused when it comes to sewing projects as I get so many ideas for new patterns and items of clothes I want to make. I have learnt to ration myself to one new idea at a time – at least in the early stages of development. I make a lot of my patterns from scratch – and if not, they are patterns that I have heavily adapted – it can take a lot of preparation in the beginning stages before I get to the really fun bit of playing with fabrics, getting my machine out, and seeing it come together.

Sarah-Lou: Where are you currently finding your inspiration?

Geoffrey & Grace: Inspiration comes from all around, a bit of charity shop hunting, rummaging through my fabric stash (some of my vintage fabric pictured), taking a walk, just seeing a fleeting something. It’s hard to know when it will strike and it can often be in unexpected places. I have learnt that what is important for my inspiration, is space to think, and room to let my mind wander naturally. I need those moments of quiet to tune into and focus on what is really interesting me. I find that too much stimulus, Instagram, Pinterest, magazines etc can be stifling, and a distraction from what is important to me to create.

Sarah-Lou: How important is being creative to you & how do you blend this with your work/life/family balance?

Geoffrey & Grace: Creativity is so important to me and I am always finding ways to squeeze some into my day. Without that part of me being fueled I am left feeling flat. Creativity goes hand in hand with inspiration and it’s hard to have one without the other. Some days my mind and body have no energy or space for either of them, and other days the ideas are there bubbling away. It’s nice to then be able to do something with that idea, or pursue where inspiration struck. Doing this becomes harder when you have a family, simply because sometimes there are other things you need to be doing. So Yes, it is a challenge to balance making and motherhood, and I definitely don’t ‘have it down’.

I do wonder if I am making our lives more complicated by trying to have both, but I don’t really know any other way to be. I’m not sure if my way is the right way, it just feels natural to follow what I love and what excites me. I figure it can only lead me to good, happy things. It’s important to me that Bailey grows up in a creative house, and that she sees me be fulfilled, and successful at something that I am passionate about. I want to set a positive example for her and I hope that by watching me be creative – with my ‘work hard, be nice, and figure it out as you go along’ approach – it will help her learn, and understand about life. I want her to feel that she can have a go at anything, and realise she has inside her all the skills and tools she will need to achieve what ever it is that she is passionate about. Plus I love it when she is wearing a ‘Geoffrey & Grace’ make and she says “mama made this” with a proud smile on her face – moments like that are the ‘good stuff’.

Another challenge I currently face is I don’t have a designated work area and sew and create in our breakfast room, come kitchen. I have to pack everything away always, especially now that my daughter is becoming more curious. I can’t leave my sewing machine out as she wants to play with it, and there are many things in the sewing box that are a bit too pointy and sharp for a 2 year old to get hold off.

I’m muddling through the days though and doing the best I can, but I need to think about making some changes to help support me develop Geoffrey and Grace as I would like too. A happy mama means for a happy child and ultimately a happy home.

pink & brown vintage fabricpink & brown vintage fabric

On to my hoppees

Katy from Apartment Apothecary

Katy’s blog is a great mix of lifestyle and home style. She is great at giving out helpful tips for getting your living space just the way you want it. If I am wanting a bit of interior design inspiration I will pop on over to Katie’s blog for a look-see. She also has some fantastic crafty DIYs on her blog, so if you fancy a little crafty project to have a go at, head on over. A lovely liberty print world awaits you.

Laura from Circle of Pine Trees

Laura’s blog is a gorgeous mix of fantastic photographs and wonderful words. I love the way Laura writes, it’s so descriptive and it always brings lovely images to mind. When she is not busily baking a loaf a week, with the #52loavesproject she is reading her way through a book a month… quite something for a mama of three boys. 

Laura is also a regular contributor to, This Is your Kingdom, Garlic & Sapphire and Your Cotswold Family

You can read their blog hop on their blogs next week on Monday the 23rd of June.

Happy reading.



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