big thinking and slowing down

"What is this life if, full of care, We have no time to stand and stare?” W. H. Davies - What do we do when it all gets a bit too much? How do we begin to slow down... Read more on the Geoffrey & Grace blog

“What is this life if, full of care, We have no time to stand and stare?” W. H. Davies

I have been a bit quiet this week and have wanted to completely unplug if I am honest. I don’t know whether it’s the warmer weather or because the summer break is approaching but I am desperately craving a holiday and have a big desire to do some slowing down.

The last year has been a busy one, but I think it has particularly come to a crescendo for me lately. I can feel myself being swept along with life, and something inside is telling me I need to take a pause, and I’m feeling the need to re-evaluate things. On top of this, certain events have left me doing some ‘big thinking’… which in itself is pretty tiring – but essential if I want to live a happy and fulfilled life.

I think our bodies know best, but we are quite good as grown ups at ignoring them. My body has been waving big red flags at me for a while, telling me that something has gone a bit wrong and the balance has tipped the wrong way. It’s only just now that I am paying attention and starting to listen. I have an inkling as to how and why I have got to this point – but that is a topic for another post.

In an attempt to find a better balance I have had to disconnect from most things this week. My time has involved a lot more playing with Bailey, a couple of afternoon snoozes in front of the tennis, and generally moving at a slower pace. That list of things to do hasn’t got any shorter, and I am only here once to say hello to all of you, but that is the best I can currently do and I’m trying to be ok with that.

Now… where from here?

Lots more rest, talking to friends, and something that has always helped me; yoga and meditation. Plus a bit of work organising those ‘big thoughts’ will help too. There’s no point in me doing all this ‘big thinking’ if it doesn’t help shape and direct my future choices. I have some moments of clarity where things seem clear, but then the next day I can feel back at the beginning – confused with a massive mountain of thoughts, ideas, and feelings to wade through. I am learning though to sit with the uncomfortable and difficult patches, and wait them out. I think if we can have a little bit of trust and faith and allow our subconscious and selves a bit of time, then an answer will become apparent.


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  • Sometimes we can over-think these things. In time most things work themselves out or it becomes clear what your action needs to be.
    I hope that your need to slow down isn’t health-related and that you’re ok xx

    • geoffreyandgrace

      Thanks Sharon. Yes, I can over think things. And thank you for your concern. I am ok, just a backlash of being very very busy x

  • Rosanna

    We all need to take more time for doing a bit of nothing and not being stressed by the ‘wasted’ time. Active rest is another very useful tool. Only when we stop can we look at what we have. Xx

    • geoffreyandgrace

      Thanks Rosanna 🙂 I like that term ‘active rest’. And you are right, a break is the best thing for taking stock. xx

  • I have a post in my drafts called ‘The life I want to live’ which it seems is the place where I’ve been doing some big thinking of my own. It’s important to take stock and choose our paths but it’s really hard to find the space to do that sometimes – and I know what you mean about feeling totally clear for a moment and then totally confused again. Wish we lived closer…! Hope you are ok. x

    • geoffreyandgrace

      Thanks Alexis – I am fine, just a patch that needs to be worked through. Would be lovely to be nearer, although we are not that far in the scheme of things 😉 Would be interested to read your post ‘The life I want to live” xxx

  • a beautifully written post, hope your slower pace helps those big ideas crystallise a litte more clearly. x

    • geoffreyandgrace

      Thank you Katie for your kind comment 🙂 and I am sure it will X

  • Hello lovely! Slowing down is so important, as is listening to our bodies. Something I’ve been forced to do with my chronic fatigue. I still fight it, though. It really helps to figure out what YOU need to stay well and healthy and in balance and then stick to your guns, even when others are pulling you in different directions. I think it’s a very modern problem in a way, with so much vying for our attention with social media and the like on 24/7. I’ve been reading lots lately about the need to unplug regularly and have downtime away from constant notifications and distractions to make time for real life and deep thought – even more important when you’re an introvert. I think you just have to do what works for you and feel confident with that. It’s hard, though – I’m still going round in circles with the whole job malarkey…. Sending hugs, Z xx

    • geoffreyandgrace

      I like what you say here about ‘sticking to your guns’ it’s easy to get distracted and pulled from your focus I find. Good luck with the whole job thing, try to keep calm about it and something will come along that fits with what you need too. Xx

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