being present and making it count

being present and making it count on the Geoffrey & Grace blogWhat a couple of weeks! I haven’t visited London for ages, and last week saw me going up three times. On Wednesday I went to a couple of press days and for lunch with some blogging friends, old and new. Thursday saw the final of the Mollie Makes Handmade Awards (more on that later), and Friday was the start of a whole weekend of everything blog-shaped at Blogtacular (more on this later too). It makes me feel a bit tired just listing it here, and it was a week of go, go, go. I had to work really hard to find any pauses for thought and any moments of stillness.

It just happened to be a week where lots of lovely opportunities came clumped together, and I just tried my best to roll with it. More and more I am learning that there is something beneficial about riding with the momentum, and trusting it’s going to take you somewhere good. 

I did have a bit of a wobble on Friday morning though and started to question what I was doing and whether it was worth all this time apart from Bailey. I aired my concerns on Instagram and quickly had lots of support and understanding from other mothers out there who have the same struggle. Alexis from Something I Made gave me some great advice “make it count”. This became my mantra for the weekend and I repeated it to myself several times.

When I would find my mind wandering or my concentration going simply because I was so tired and was reaching information overload, I would whisper to myself ‘make it count’ and shift my focus back on being as present as possible. I was so determined to make sure I got the most from all these opportunities that had come my way, and I knew I needed to be present to make authentic connections with people.

For someone who doesn’t do big groups of people easily, tends to be a bit of a loner, and can quickly feel unsure about things, having that sort of week is extra tiring, and I am definitely currently paying for it. However I surprised myself with how comfortable I felt. I guess I have had quite a bit of practice recently of talking to people I don’t really know and that has helped no end.

One thing I wasn’t expecting is how good it feels to be part of a bigger blogging community. Having previously been someone who often felt like the odd one out, it was a happy change to feel like one of many. I had that feeling at Sisterhood Camp and found it so touching, but I wasn’t expecting to feel that way at Blogtacular because the nature of the events are so different. It no doubt helped that there were several of my ‘sisters’ there, and I am sure this had something to do with how much I felt able to open up with others and get straight-down to the good stuff. Definitely knowing I wanted to focus on ‘being present & making it count’ really helped me get the most from the weekend.

Apologies for the unplanned two week break, but as you can see, life got a bit busy. Can’t wait to share with you all that I have learnt after what’s been such an inspirational month.

Finally, if you are In Worthing or Sussex and fancy coming to look at some art, the Worthing Art Trail is on for the next two weekends and Margot and her fellow East Beach Studios are part of the trail too. I will be there this Saturday (the 20th) and next Sunday (the 28th). Give me a shout on the social network of your choice if you think you might swing by. Would be great to see you.


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  • Hello lovely! I’m not surprised you’re tired after all that. I find groups extremely tiring – a combination of being an introvert and my chronic fatigue. It takes such a lot of energy to concentrate and stay present. It’s really interesting to hear your thoughts and I look forward to hearing more about what you learnt. Making connections with other lovely, inspiring, supportive people is so important. xxx

    • geoffreyandgrace

      Thanks Zoe 🙂 Yes, I am just truly appreciating how important those connections with other similar creative folk are. xx

  • What a lovely, wonderful post. I can appreciate your thoughts and feelings on this one and it was so lovely to meet you – I throughly enjoyed hanging out.

    Nina x

    • geoffreyandgrace

      You too Nina, look forward to hanging out some other time X

  • Bravo for your awareness and recognition. Because, yes when we focus, and are present, we feel more grateful and fulfilled with our choices. And I totally understand the overwhelmed too much going doing people feeling. You deserve metal for making it through with grace.
    Love you you,

    • geoffreyandgrace

      Thanks Shalagh. I definitely felt very grateful for the time 🙂 but it was intense, it was over a week ago now and I am still recovering. x

  • Glad I helped a little with my random self-chanting! Something I found really hard when my two were younger (and am just emerging from in a way) is that when you spend time with really small person a lot of the time you can let your mind wander, especially when you have a babe in arms – and that’s when you come up with all these great ideas but you can’t ACTION any of it! But we are so lucky to have the internet and to be able to find our tribes, to connect with each other and be creative in this space while also (most of time) being at home with little children. I must say I do rather love it so.

    • Thank you for saying this Alexis as you just put words to the incredible frustration of having a toddler on my head and the joy of community I feel. I need more of the latter and less of the former please.

    • geoffreyandgrace

      Absolutely right Alexis, very lucky to be able to be a mama and find space and support for creative things. Something that was not so easy for our mothers and the generations before them xx