what a week!


handmade Geoffrey & Grace labels

Wow, what a week! Don’t you find that sometimes everything happens at once? Life has handed me a busy, busy time at the minute. It’s not ideal – really there is too much going on, and I would rather things were spaced out a bit. But you can’t plan life, it just happens, and I am just trying my best to run with it.

handmade Geoffrey & Grace labels

We are in the middle of buying and selling a house, so it has been filled with ‘solicitor stuff’ and house surveys. Plus Margot opened this week, which has been so exciting but has meant some late nights. Also Bailey decided that this week was the week she wanted to wear ‘big girl pants’. I now know why there are little bows on the front of pants. It’s so you can say, when toilet training your two and a half year old… “the bow goes at the front”.

There was also one last important thing that happened this week. It was our 8 year wedding anniversary. I don’t mention my husband much on the blog, but he’s always there for hugs and advice, and he backs me up in everything I do. I am super thankful for his encouragement and support. I couldn’t get through a week like this last one without his help… thank you Leo for writing price tags with me at 11pm this week. Love you x

Enjoy your bonus Monday everyone.




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