The Mollie Makes Handmade Awards – the results

The Mollie Makes Handmade Awards - Margot

It’s been almost a week and half since the Margot ladies had a day trip to London for the Mollie Makes Handmade Awards. If you missed the exciting news, Margot was a finalist in the collaboration category alongside two other collaborative projects.

We knew a good day would be had by all, whether we were to win or not. Team Mollie Makes had organised a jam-packed day of mentoring and activities for us to do. Plus it would give us an opportunity to chat everything making and creative with some fellow crafty folk.

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being present and making it count

being present and making it count on the Geoffrey & Grace blogWhat a couple of weeks! I haven’t visited London for ages, and last week saw me going up three times. On Wednesday I went to a couple of press days and for lunch with some blogging friends, old and new. Thursday saw the final of the Mollie Makes Handmade Awards (more on that later), and Friday was the start of a whole weekend of everything blog-shaped at Blogtacular (more on this later too). It makes me feel a bit tired just listing it here, and it was a week of go, go, go. I had to work really hard to find any pauses for thought and any moments of stillness.

It just happened to be a week where lots of lovely opportunities came clumped together, and I just tried my best to roll with it. More and more I am learning that there is something beneficial about riding with the momentum, and trusting it’s going to take you somewhere good. Read More

Margot & the Mollie Makes Handmade Awards

Margot - a Mollie Makes Handmade Awards finalist on the Geoffrey & Grace blog

Last week Geoffrey & Grace and the other makers at Margot got some very exciting news…

Margot has been shortlisted for a Mollie Makes Handmade Award!

When I received the email to tell me, I was cooking Bailey’s dinner and I jumped around the kitchen giggling in disbelief. I had to read the email another three times for the news to properly sink in.

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looking back & looking forward

making lists - looking forward

Boy it’s been nice to have two weeks off! Last year was such an intense year. I didn’t really have much time to pause for thought as things were constantly changing and keeping me on my toes. Over Christmas it’s been nice to have some time to reflect and look back, and also to look forward to the year ahead.

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East Beach Studio launch party

MargotThis Sunday the 28th of September, there is going to be a launch party for the East Beach Studios in Worthing. Finally all the artists are in! Hooray!

The event is on from 11 till dusk. There will be music, food, a sandcastle building competition, water sports taster sessions at The Bakers Academy, lots of other great activities, AND fire Eaters.

At Margot we are celebrating in the only way we know how… by making lots and lots…. and lots of pom poms!Read More