A peaceful and natural nights sleep with Woolroom - how changing our bedding to natural fibres and switching to a wool filled duvet and pillows has affected our sleep patterns and ultimately our wellbeing.Last Sunday afternoon, Bailey, my husband and myself all snuck back to bed. It was pretty blissful to climb under the covers for a secret hour of slumber. We made ourselves a nest and just hung out there for a bit, reading and having cups of tea.

Up until recently though, our bedroom wasn’t such a great space for relaxing in. It always seems to be where anything that hasn’t found a home yet gets dumped, and even though we have a good mattress on our bed we haven’t previously put much thought or consideration into our bedding.

Over the last month though, I have made some conscious changes to our bedroom in order to help us get a peaceful and natural nights sleep. One of the biggest being that we have upgraded all our bedding to natural fibres. We have invested in some linen sheets, covers and cases, plus we have also switched our duvet, pillows and mattress protector for ones filled with wool from ‘Woolroom’.

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