Exciting news about an upcoming online retreat, plus I reflect on how I'm doing with my word for 2017 'ease', and what we've been loving and what's been an inspiration this month... Read more in The Monthly Voice on Geoffrey and Grace

Winter is well and truly here, the sun is much lower in the sky, we’ve had a few frosty mornings, and the mittens are out. It was such a beautiful Autumn this year, full of gloriously warm and sunny days, but it seemed to be over really quickly. Winter always feels like a big adjustment when it arrives, and I’m never quite ready to say goodbye to the golden days of Autumn. At least all the festivities of December provide the opportunity for joy and twinkly moments for the first of the Winter months. I actually really like the depths of Winter, once I get used to the cold and remember to wear my thermals and an extra jumper.

Here’s the Monthly Voice for October and November, including some exciting news about an upcoming online retreat, plus I reflect on how I’m doing with my word for 2017 ‘ease’, and as always a round up of what we’ve been up to and what’s been an inspiration this month…

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How to keep warm and save energy this Winter. A simple DIY for a homemade draught excluder.

It’s been one of the coldest Winters in a long time here. For months I have been wearing two cardigans and drinking lots of hot tea. Our old victorian house is pretty draughty, and it’s really noticeable at this time of year. I have been thinking about all the things we can do to make sure we save energy, and I decided to make myself a draught excluder for the front door in order to keep us all a little warmer.

I recently heard about smart meters, which show you exactly how much gas and electricity you are consuming. They’re a great way to help you be more mindful about your heating and the appliances you use. Plus they also tell you exactly how much energy you use in pounds and pence. That means no more estimated bills, you pay for what you use. It will be so useful to be able to identify times when we are using lots of energy, so we can cut back – a visual reminder that is bound to motivate you to turn that landing light off!

The draught excluder was super simple to make, and no doubt I will be making a few more for the back of the house. I also decided to add some dried lavender to the filling so it will smell lovely too.

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midwinter rituals

midwinter wreath on the Geoffrey & Grace blog

It is midwinter on the 22nd of December here in the northern hemisphere. The shortest day and the longest night. It is a time that has me thinking about midwinter rituals, and new family traditions that Bailey, my husband, and myself can begin.

The festivities and preparations that come hand in hand with early December keep us busy through the early stages of the season. It’s good to have these traditions and rituals to take comfort from, as the true depth of Winter is yet to come.

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monthly voice – november

Monthly Voice - November on Geoffrey & Grace

I can’t believe it is nearly the end of November, it seems to have flown by. Only one post for me this week, as we have been a little distracted in this house by someone’s soon-to-be birthday. My husbands 40th is just around the corner, and this weekend we are having a party to celebrate. There will be friends, food and movies, and we are very much looking forward to having a house full.

Here is the second ever monthly voice, with a little round up of our month, and what has been inspiring me throughout November.

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