Plans and inspiration for our simple kitchen: follow us as we update and restore a room that hasn't been touched in over thirty years. Photography credit Stephen Kent

About this time last year I shared this post about our house restoration and some plans for a simple kitchen. We were looking into simplifying and updating it since the space has not been decorated for a good thirty years. Well, shortly after writing that, I was asked to collaborate with British Gypsum on creating an inspirational work space with a magnetic wall (catch up with that here). The work room got all my attention, and the kitchen was forgotten about.

A whole year later and not much has happened. The space was left halfway finished. In fact, you couldn’t even say that. Here’s a re-cap of what we have done so far…

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living minimally via a vintage jumble

living minimally on the Geoffrey and Grace blog

Hello and what a lovely break we had last week in Wales. Our holiday concluded with some brilliant outdoor fun at The Good Life Experience, but more on that another day.

Today I wanted to share a few thoughts on living minimally and let you know about a Vintage Jumble that is happening on Sunday October the 4th in Lindfield West Sussex. It’s not as random as it sounds, as these two things are very much related.

Before the summer I spent a lovely day mooching around Hastings as part of Ruth’s Gathered Cheer events. There was talk of organising a vintage jumble sale, where we could sell any of our unwanted props and bits and pieces we had collected over time.

This was such good timing for me as I had just started to de-clutter and sort through our belongings after our move.  On top of this, after my summer of slow living, something I have been thinking about more is how ‘slow living’ will effect our house and the things we have in it.

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styling the seasons June – cherries and Sweet Williams

cherries and sweet williams on the Geoffrey & Grace blog

June to me is cherries and Sweet Williams. It’s the first time of the year that I spot them both in the shops and I can’t wait to buy them, bring them home, and have them on our kitchen table.

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vintage fabric girl’s dress

vintage fabric girls dressThis vintage fabric girl’s dress is one of my latest makes. I have been working on several things for Margot and have been using the Worthing Art Trail as a bit of a deadline to work towards.

Made from a thrifted vintage pillowcase, it is a one off, as I now only have the cutting scraps left. I just love the beautiful open flower print, and the soft pink / brown tones of the fabric.

It’s great to be able to finally finish a few pieces off. I get such enjoyment from having a play like this, and taking some photos of what I have made. For me this is just as much fun as the making itself.

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fabric friday inspiration

fabric friday inspiration

Just a quick one from me today folks. Thought I’d swing by and share a little fabric inspiration. I discovered these vintage florals – which have been hiding in my stash – whilst organising my work room. My inspiration has been some what flattened this week by a couple of 5am starts and a three year old who is… let’s say ‘pushing her boundaries’.

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