Monthly Voice February & March

The Monthly Voice features some of our favourite new lifestyle brands, reading that's good for the soul and a wonderful organic and 100% natural lipstick which converted this non-lipstick wearer to have a 'nude' obsession.

Hello all, it’s been a little while since the last Monthly Voice, as February was a shorter month and so full of lovely things, posting a Monthly Voice for February just didn’t happen. So today I am combining the last two months, it’s a post brimming with wonderful recommendations. Here’s what we got up to, some things we have discovered, and some things we are loving… Enjoy!

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an ode to dungarees – what we wore

ode to dungarees

Oh I do love a pair of dungarees. I find them so comfy and they go with absolutely anything, which means I end up wearing them lots. I always feel ‘good’ in my dungarees, plus they have the added bonus of having lots of pockets –  I’m a big fan of pockets. Read More