Slow fashion with Brooklyn label Muny

slow fashion with Brooklyn label Muny on Geoffrey & Grace

For lots of you reading this ‘slow Fashion’ may be a new concept. Most of the fashion industry is face paced; from the design stage to mass production, garments have a fast turn around so they can be sold at a low cost. This, and trends that come and go with each season encourage buyers to over consume.  ‘Slow fashion,’ is a term that was conceived in 2008 by sustainable design consultant Kate Fletcher, she wanted to not just look at how environmentally friendly a single item of clothing is, but she also wanted to address the speed of the whole fashion cycle.

If you follow me over on Instagram you will have already noticed me sharing some big love for the independent label Muny who do ‘slow fashion’ incredibly well. They make beautiful handcrafted clothes for children and women, and also have a range of accessories. Designed in Brooklyn, NY, all the clothes are made from natural fabrics, and are made using wood block printing, handloom weaving, and hand dyeing.

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my idea of minimal living

my idea of minimal living on Geoffrey & Grace

We all get that minimal means less, but is it that simple when it comes to minimal living? I like things. I like finding bits & pieces at antique markets. I like to have items in our home that are purely decorative. You wouldn’t think that these three things go hand-in-hand with minimalism, but why not? Is there room for both?

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slow living love: moments captured

photo by Louise @loopygibbens for slow living love on Geoffrey & Grace
photo courtesy of Louise @loopygibbens

Wow! What a great month for the slow living project. Since it was February, we decided to focus on ‘love’. A little four lettered word that holds so much meaning, and can impact your life in the most profound and magical way.

Folks have been sharing their ‘slow living love’ moments throughout the whole of the month, and the gallery is full of beautiful and inspirational photographs that encapsulate ‘love’ in all its forms. Do pop over to the gallery to have a look at all the photos that have been shared with #slowliving_love.

Here are my favourites…

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monthly voice: February

Monthly voice: February

February always seems full to the brim. For such a short month, it has a lot going on. With Bailey’s birthday, Valentines day, then my birthday, February can soon disappear under a mound of cards and discarded wrapping paper.

Along with the celebrations, here’s what filled the month of February in our house and where I found some inspiration throughout the last four weeks.

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beautiful decay - the art of restoration

If you read ‘house restoration – kitchen inspiration’, you will know that we are beginning to restore our Victorian family home.

We are learning that there is a bit of an art to restoration; knowing what to leave untouched, and what to update and renew, is a balance that you want to spend some time getting right.

One of the best things about restoring this house of ours, is the beautiful decay we get to uncover. To lift up ancient carpet, and reveal old wooden boards, to peel off wall paper, with the anticipation of what may be underneath…

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