slow living nurture: moments captured

photo by Nikki @findingjoyforus for slow living nurture on Geoffrey & Grace

Photo courtesy of Nikki @findingjoyforus (to nurture a wounded butterfly)

I loved the theme for May’s slow living collaboration  – to ‘nurture’. As a mother it is second nature to nurture Bailey’s needs, and her little spirit, I have to admit though that I often forget to nurture myself. For the whole of May (well since Easter really) I have been trying to prioritise some time to ‘nurture’ me and my spirit too. Even though I am an advocate for slow living it doesn’t mean I manage to avoid life’s stresses, and it’s so easy to get caught up in all the things that need doing. I think when we are busy, our self-care can be the first thing to fall by the wayside – so for the last six weeks it has been all about filling my cup up.

Last months hashtag was a great way to delve even deeper into this important topic. I have so loved seeing the way you nurture yourselves, and those around you. Here are my favourites from May’s #slowliving_nurture gallery…

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slow living create: moments captured

photo by Geraldine @devine_tribe for slow living create on Geoffrey & Grace

photo courtesy of Geraldine @devine_tribe

There are over 3,000 photos in the #slowliving_create gallery this month, thank you to all that joined in. We decided to re-visit the word ‘create’, as prioritising time to be creative is so fundamental to our well being. As always we have loved looking through the gallery and seeing how you make space for creativity in your days.

Here are my favourite slow living create moments captured for March…

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slow living love: moments captured

photo by Louise @loopygibbens for slow living love on Geoffrey & Grace
photo courtesy of Louise @loopygibbens

Wow! What a great month for the slow living project. Since it was February, we decided to focus on ‘love’. A little four lettered word that holds so much meaning, and can impact your life in the most profound and magical way.

Folks have been sharing their ‘slow living love’ moments throughout the whole of the month, and the gallery is full of beautiful and inspirational photographs that encapsulate ‘love’ in all its forms. Do pop over to the gallery to have a look at all the photos that have been shared with #slowliving_love.

Here are my favourites…

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slow living renew: moments captured

photo by Mirva @mirvamariaanneli for slow living renew on Geoffrey & Gracephoto courtesy of Mirva @mirvamariaanneli

Thanks to all that joined in throughout January and shared their slow living renew moments. It was so engaging to see the different ways people find that sense of renewal. Looking back over the gallery you can see similar colours and tones reoccurring, which I find really interesting. To think a diverse selection of people from all over the world, living in different seasons, can take a word like ‘renew’, and although their visual interpretation is independant and unique, there is also a common thread that connects all the images together. I don’t know about you… but to me that’s pretty inspiring!

Below is a selection of my favourite images that were shared under #slowliving_renew. These moments really caught my eye, and show us just how many ways there are to renew…

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slow living gather – moments captured

photo by @veronikagphotography for slow living gather on Geoffrey & Gracephoto courtesy of @veronikagphotography

I’m trying to hold on to this lovely slow and still time that comes along with the new year for as long as possible. It’s the beginning of a new month though, and therefore time for Danielle and I to share our favourite ‘slow living gather’ moments captured for December.

Our focus for the last month of 2015 was on the word ‘gather’. With the approaching festivities we thought it would be good to think about the precious times where we come together to celebrate and cherish whatever we hold dear with #slowliving_gather. Of course as always, the word we pick is open to interpretation and there were some lovely thoughtful captions to accompany the photos shared. Here are my favourite slow living gather moments captured….

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