photo by Veronika @veronikaGphotography for slow living explore on Geoffrey & Grace
Photo courtesy of Veronika @veronikaGphotography

Throughout the Slow Living Collaboration Danielle and I have always had a tough job choosing a selection to share on our blogs, but this month the task was even harder as we had to pick just six images to win a beautiful gift box from MOA. Before I reveal the six images we have chosen, I just wanted to say thank you to all who entered. It really is a pleasure to look through all your wonderfully wholehearted and slow moments, and get a glimpse into your lives.

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earth day and an instameet

earth day and an instameet on Geoffrey & Grace

Today, the 22nd of April, is Earth day; A chance to think about this wonderful planet of ours that we all call home. The Earth Day movement was created 46 years ago to spread awareness to make sure we are all doing what we can to reduce our impact on the world, keeping this incredible revolving rock of ours healthy and thriving for generations to come.

Sarah-Lou from Lapinblu and I have organised an Instameet for this Saturday the 23rd of April to coincide with celebrating Earth Day and to help make others aware of the Earth Day movement. If you are a regular reader you will know about my love for Instagram, not only because it’s a place to share wholehearted moments captured through photography, but also because it is a social network that has a wonderful sense of community. Instameets are a great opportunity to connect with some of the brilliantly creative people you get to know online, in real life.

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join in with your slow living moments

join in with your slow living moments on Geoffrey & Grace

I couldn’t quite keep away for two whole weeks. I have enjoyed my time off but have been itching to get back here and writing again. I feel like there is lots to get on with and tell you about.

Firstly, today sees the start of a new Instagram hashtag collaboration between myself and Danielle from Hippie in Disguise.

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why I take photographs

why I photograph on Geoffrey & Grace

I love taking pictures, ever since I got my first Canon SLR back in my early twenties. There is something about looking at stuff through a lens, that makes you notice things differently. When I take pictures it transports me to a happy place, my breath slows down, and I find my mind comes into focus, like the camera lens itself.

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project 52 – round up

project 52

Here is my last photo in this years Project 52 (#project52). Catching the last of the sunshine on a cold December day. She was my little woodland explorer.

For those who haven’t heard of it, it’s a photographic challenge I set myself to take one photo of my daughter – once a week – every week – for the whole year. At the beginning of the year I was posting the pictures weekly, however you won’t have seen many posts recently, as moving house meant I took a bit of a hiatus.

Here are a few photos I have taken over the last 6 weeks for Project 52 which I didn’t manage to share on the blog. I did share these photos on Instagram at the time, and you can always follow me on there too for regular (ish) photos.

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