I like to start the year by reflecting back at the previous year, I have also been thinking about what is coming up in 2017, what I am hoping to fill my year with, and what dreams I would like to nurture. If you would like some inspiration and some encouragement to believe in your creativity, read on.

Happy New Year to you all. I feel like I could hibernate for another month, but life and reality have been calling to me this last week, and I am gradually easing myself back into things.

After a blogging and Instagram break, I feel like I have lost my voice a little, and ironically I actually did lose my voice, and have been croaking my way through this week.

I like to start the year by reflecting back at the previous year, I have also been thinking about what is coming up in 2017, what I am hoping to fill my year with, and what dreams I would like to nurture.

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reflecting on 2015

reflecting on 2015 on the Geoffrey & Grace blog

It’s taken me a little longer to get round to reflecting on 2015 than I thought it might. This is partly due to being distracted with plans for restoring our home, but more on that later.

2015 was a year to let the dust settle on all the changes that happened in 2014. The year didn’t quite pan out like I expected, (when does it ever though?) and I found myself discovering new priorities and a new focus.

Here’s a look at what 2015 looked like for Geoffrey & Grace…

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looking back & looking forward

making lists - looking forward

Boy it’s been nice to have two weeks off! Last year was such an intense year. I didn’t really have much time to pause for thought as things were constantly changing and keeping me on my toes. Over Christmas it’s been nice to have some time to reflect and look back, and also to look forward to the year ahead.

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2014 – a year in the making

a year in the making

I love this time of year between Christmas and New Year. A chance to have real down-time and hibernate in our little house, nipping out occasionally for some fresh air to see the sea. My husband’s working day is long and he really doesn’t get to spend any time with Bailey during a normal week. Plus the weekends sometimes just seem to whizz by. I am often saying I would like a secret bonus day – a three day weekend. Having some leisurely family time this last week has been very precious.

A New Year can bring the feeling of opportunity. It is a chance for reflection on the year passed, things that have happened, things you may have learnt, things you may have accomplished. For me there is also a sense of renewal, from the rest that we have been lucky enough to have over the festive period, but also the promise of what the new year can bring. I like to write a list of things I would like to do and things that I would like to see happen. Writing them down is the first step to setting them clearly in my mind and focus.

Right now 2014 feels full of possibilities. I am ready to get going on some new projects and ‘makes’ that I have stored away in my mind. I am optimistic that there will be more space and time to do creative things next year. The longer I balance motherhood and creativity, the better I hope I will get at doing so. Here’s wishing it’s a year stuffed full of crafty making, vintage fabric, and blogging loveliness.

Happy New Year.