Artists Abigail and Max, from Forest + Found talk about how nature impacts and shapes their work. Find out more about their handcrafted approach and how their work is driven by material and process. Read more on Geoffrey and Grace...

I hope you are all enjoying the ‘Inspired by Nature’ series as much as I am loving putting it together for you, I am super thankful to have interviewed some amazing folk for the series so far, and you can catch up with all previous posts here, but before you do that, please welcome artists Abigail and Max, who run the studio practice Forest + Found.

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Jo from Nurturing Kitchen tells me why connecting to nature inspires her to slow down and improves her well being

It’s time for the next instalment of the Inspired By Nature series. I am so happy to have this wonderful mama on the blog today. She is a cook inspiring others to nourish themselves and their loved ones through real, plant-based nurturing foods and activities. The food she makes and bakes is beautiful to look at, and instantly makes my mouth water. She manages to get so much colour into her food, and her Instagram feed has me drooling over my phone. I would sure like an invite to dinner.

Please welcome Jo Balfe from Nurturing Kitchen

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Butterfly friendly plants – part one

Butterfly friendly plants - part one, on Geoffrey & Grace

The Wildlife charity ‘Butterfly Conservation’ have teamed up with B&Q, to help spread the word about butterfly friendly plants. When they asked if I’d like to be involved, and help support the project and promote butterfly conservation, I was so excited. Especially since it meant having our own caterpillars (from Gribbly Bugs) that would transform into butterflies. I knew Bailey would be fascinated, and that she would learn so much about nature through the process.

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to plan or not to plan? what creativity and motherhood have in common

to plan or not to plan…? what creativity and motherhood have in common

It’s good to have plan I always think. A loose one at least, that you have the freedom to migrate from. Especially where creative things are concerned, I normally have a visual idea about how I would like something to look and also feel.

I have learnt along the way though, that with most things, it is best to be open and go with the flow. If you are too rigid in your idea, and not willing to adapt, you are not leaving any space for inspiration to move you.

Here, I think that creativity and motherhood have some things in common. Both can often add an unexpected twist to the mix, things don’t always pan out like you think they will, and you have to learn to roll with it. Some plans and ideas turn out to be a bit of a disappointment, and sometimes things can surprise you and be more wonderful than you could have ever imagined.

The Easter holiday was a little lesson in this for me…

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long summer days

long summer days on the Geoffrey & Grace blog

Bailey is now off nursery for six weeks and I am really longing for some long summer days, where we have no plans and nowhere to be by a specific time. There’s something magical about starting the morning with a loose idea of what the day might hold, but having the freedom to see where the wind takes you. With no schedules and timescales there is a sense of space and abandonment which makes me breathe and relax into the day in a different way.

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