The Monthly Voice for September; what's been inspiring me, why moments of slow are as important as ever and how we make bedtime silly in order to help our daughter who has a habit of worrying.September has been and gone and brought with it all the wonderful golden hues of autumn. Fall is quite possibly my favourite season. The sunlight is particularly beautiful in September and October, as the sun gradually gets lower in the sky and seems to soften and glow as it goes.

As the days shorten and the nights get longer, there is a moment of equilibrium with the autumn equinox, followed a few weeks later by the harvest moon, which was particularly spectacular this year in the UK. I was in the car heading east, and as the moon rose and hovered just above the horizon it seemed so perfectly round and luminous.

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Here is the Monthly Voice for April; what we’ve been up to and some things we are really loving at the moment. Plus why I am so tired, and what I am doing about it...

Well, I don’t know about you but April seemed to pass by pretty quickly in our house. And, so I find myself here again writing the Monthly Voice. Last month saw our kitchen renovations get under way, there was all the fun of the Easter holidays, and I was also busy with some writing work, and putting together The Slow Living Retreat  – which I am hoping will be finished by the end of May.

I actually only managed to post here twice throughout the whole month, and I feel like I have had my head down a bit and been really trying to focus on specific things. Even with the Easter Holidays, and less blogging, I am craving rest, rest, rest at the moment so I am trying to honour that and really listen to my body. As we all know, we are all pretty good at putting pressure on ourselves, so that is easier said than done.

Here is the Monthly Voice for April; what we’ve been up to, why I am so tired, and some things we are really loving at the moment.

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Monthly Voice February & March

The Monthly Voice features some of our favourite new lifestyle brands, reading that's good for the soul and a wonderful organic and 100% natural lipstick which converted this non-lipstick wearer to have a 'nude' obsession.

Hello all, it’s been a little while since the last Monthly Voice, as February was a shorter month and so full of lovely things, posting a Monthly Voice for February just didn’t happen. So today I am combining the last two months, it’s a post brimming with wonderful recommendations. Here’s what we got up to, some things we have discovered, and some things we are loving… Enjoy!

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Find out how we kept our December slow and calm even with all the festivities. Read more in the Monthly voice...

It is half way through January so I thought it was about time that I got round to writing the Monthly Voice for December. I don’t know about you but December feels like a world away, however I do love looking back at our month and thinking about what has helped us slow things down and where I found some inspiration.

Here’s what we got up to last month and some things we loved….

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Find out more about this slow fashion and handmade children's clothing company on the Monthly Voice September on Geoffrey & Grace

September’s skies saw two new moons, and a spell of glorious weather. An indian Summer meant bonus time on the beach and even paddling in the sea.

Before October properly takes hold with it’s cool crisp days, let’s look at the ‘Monthly Voice’ for September. Here’s what’s inspired me this month, and some lovely things we’ve discovered that have had my heart…

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