Slow fashion with Brooklyn label Muny

slow fashion with Brooklyn label Muny on Geoffrey & Grace

For lots of you reading this ‘slow Fashion’ may be a new concept. Most of the fashion industry is face paced; from the design stage to mass production, garments have a fast turn around so they can be sold at a low cost. This, and trends that come and go with each season encourage buyers to over consume.  ‘Slow fashion,’ is a term that was conceived in 2008 by sustainable design consultant Kate Fletcher, she wanted to not just look at how environmentally friendly a single item of clothing is, but she also wanted to address the speed of the whole fashion cycle.

If you follow me over on Instagram you will have already noticed me sharing some big love for the independent label Muny who do ‘slow fashion’ incredibly well. They make beautiful handcrafted clothes for children and women, and also have a range of accessories. Designed in Brooklyn, NY, all the clothes are made from natural fabrics, and are made using wood block printing, handloom weaving, and hand dyeing.

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vintage fabric finds

vintage fabric soft floral barkcloth

Here are some of my latest vintage fabric finds. It might surprise you to learn that I bought them at a Sheep fair! I wasn’t expecting to happen upon any good finds that day. I was expecting to see some Sheep, but vintage fabric… not so much. Read More

blog hop – making and inspiration

pink & brown vintage fabric

Hurrah it’s a blog hop! What’s a blog hop I hear you call? Well it’s a clever way to discover other lovely blogs. There are lots and lots of blogs out there in the blogoshpere so it’s nice to be able to point you in the direction of some I enjoy reading.

The lovely Sarah-Lou from Lapin Blu kindly nominated me, and you can discover her lovely pastel yarny world over on her blog. BUT before you do, I hope you will read the questions she asked me about making and inspiration, and find out who my hoppees are too. Wow, you’ve got some gorgeous blogs awaiting you. I think you better clear your afternoon…


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doily collar

Doily collar Geoffrey & Grace dress

Been a bit quiet on the blogging front this week, as I have been preoccupied and busy filling in an application form for something. More details to follow soon… hopefully. It’s an exciting opportunity, so cross your fingers (and your toes) for me.

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latest make – doily inspiration

doily inspiration

Doilies… aren’t they the prettiest things? Such different patterns and textures… I sometimes wonder if they are like snowflakes, and no two are ever exactly the same. Somebody clever has made these by hand, and that blows my mind a little. You can’t help but look at a doily and get a sense of the time and care that has gone into making them – they have an inherent handmade look about them, and I love them for this.

These are from my Grandma Peggy’s collection and I have been wanting to make with them for a while. One of these lovelies will be selected to go with this vintage tablecloth that I found in a charity shop ages ago, and some pretty fabric trim that was also thrifted.

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