life as a new maker – threads part 5

threads 5 Geoffrey & Grace - Margot

I didn’t quite manage to get back to you last week with the following blog post. I got a bit distracted with a certain little someones 3rd birthday party, wrapping thirteen layers of pass the parcel, and making twenty four bunny eared cupcakes!

More on that later… until then… as promised, ‘life as a new maker’…

Well, what have the last six months been like? It hasn’t been without it’s challenges. It was always going to be a steep learning curve as I had never made to sell before. I had only made for family and friends, and only made what I fancied. It was quite a big step for me to take (especially since it coincided with our house move), but I thought it was too good an opportunity to miss out on. I was so keen to be part of this little community of artists down on Worthing seafront.

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threads of Geoffrey & Grace part 4

threads 4 Geoffrey & Grace - Margot

Gosh it’s a been a long time since I wrote a ‘threads’ post. It was back at the end of March last year when I wrote ‘To listen to your head or follow your heart?’, and what a lot has happened since then! I mention an exciting opportunity in that post, and you don’t have to be Colombo to work out that I was talking about the East Beach Studios and Margot.

The idea behind the threads series was / is to document what it is like for someone, like me, who likes to make and craft, and is thinking about transitioning into making to sell. Well, I have been in Margot about 6 months now and I can officially say that I ‘make to sell’. I am well and truly transitioned. Although I still have tons and tons to learn.

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lovely ‘crafternoon’ at Liberty

Edited Selection Katharine Peachey12

Back at the beginning of November I had the pleasure of being invited to spend a lovely afternoon at Liberty in London for ‘Styling the Seasons’. I have been super keen to tell you about it, as I really had such a lovely day.

Liberty, to me, is the mother of all department stores.  As someone who is a bit besotted with all things fabric-shaped, a visit to the home of the famed, and swoon worthy liberty print fabric was a must. It was smack-bang in the middle of moving madness, but it was such a treat to take the day for myself to go and do something creative.

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Margot love on the modflowers blog

Margot the beach hut makery

Margot was featured on the modflowers blog – hooray.

I was really thrilled when she asked me if she could write a piece on Margot our beach hut makery. It’s so nice to know that other people are as smitten with Margot as we are, get what we are doing, and are wishing us well. Read More

vintage fabric baby booties first items in my Etsy shop

Geoffrey & Grace booties

So in love with this gorgeous vintage barkcloth. Considering the fabric is at least as old as me, the colours are beautifully vibrant still. I have made two more pairs of baby booties, since I was so pleased with the pair I made for my friend’s baby.

AND can I hear a big ‘whoop whoop’? As at last… my Etsy shop is open! It has a few things, including these baby booties available to buy. Head over to take a look… would love it if you could.

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