There are many different ways to rest, and some rest is more restorative than others. The idea of doing ‘nothing’ for some can be a challenge in itself, and I too sometimes struggle with this. If you fall into this category it can be easier if 'resting' is built into an activity like having a bath, or doing some yoga. Read more tips on how to rest and take time for yourself over on Geoffrey and Grace ...

It seems a little ironic for me to be writing this blog post, as over the last few weeks I haven’t taken much time to myself at all. Like most people I guess, when I am busy, the ‘me time’ is the first thing to go.

With the Easter school holidays, and our kitchen renovation (more coming on that soon), resting has been pretty sparse too.

Rest is of course, fundamental to our well-being, and everyone has their own way of unwinding and relaxing. Perhaps the idea of ‘me time’ for some folk sounds awful. The concept that we all need some time to ourselves to slow down and reconnect makes sense though, doesn’t it?

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slow living nurture: moments captured

photo by Nikki @findingjoyforus for slow living nurture on Geoffrey & Grace

Photo courtesy of Nikki @findingjoyforus (to nurture a wounded butterfly)

I loved the theme for May’s slow living collaboration  – to ‘nurture’. As a mother it is second nature to nurture Bailey’s needs, and her little spirit, I have to admit though that I often forget to nurture myself. For the whole of May (well since Easter really) I have been trying to prioritise some time to ‘nurture’ me and my spirit too. Even though I am an advocate for slow living it doesn’t mean I manage to avoid life’s stresses, and it’s so easy to get caught up in all the things that need doing. I think when we are busy, our self-care can be the first thing to fall by the wayside – so for the last six weeks it has been all about filling my cup up.

Last months hashtag was a great way to delve even deeper into this important topic. I have so loved seeing the way you nurture yourselves, and those around you. Here are my favourites from May’s #slowliving_nurture gallery…

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