the big reveal: inspirational workspace & magnetic wall

finished: inspirational work space and magnetic wall on Geoffrey & Grace

My inspirational work space with a magnetic wall is finished at last. For those that missed posts ‘one’ and ‘two’ you can catch up here and here.

I started moving things back into the room about 10 days ago, and have been working in the space since then. It took me a while to unpack and organise things, but I am already feeling at home.

It is so wonderful to have my own workspace to retreat to, and it has already made a really big impact on how we live as a family. Working at the kitchen table was really encroaching on our family space, and I never felt like I completely switched off.

Now I have this perfect little room to type away in, and sew when the mood takes me.

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plans for an inspirational and functional work space

work space before - on Geoffrey & Grace

This is currently what my work space looks like. There are little piles of stuff and clutter everywhere! In fact I don’t think there is a single clear surface in the room. If you read ‘my idea of minimal living’ you will know that we are having a sort through of the whole house. As the big clear-out continues, this is the area that I have been dreading tackling, and putting off. Ironically, it is probably the room that once sorted, will make the biggest impact on our day-to-day living.

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beautiful decay - the art of restoration

If you read ‘house restoration – kitchen inspiration’, you will know that we are beginning to restore our Victorian family home.

We are learning that there is a bit of an art to restoration; knowing what to leave untouched, and what to update and renew, is a balance that you want to spend some time getting right.

One of the best things about restoring this house of ours, is the beautiful decay we get to uncover. To lift up ancient carpet, and reveal old wooden boards, to peel off wall paper, with the anticipation of what may be underneath…

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the love of January – styling the seasons

January Styling the Seasons Geoffrey & Grace

There can be the temptation as soon as Christmas is over to look directly towards Spring. We can be so eager for the longer days, the warmer weather, and a bit more colour than January naturally offers. However I think there can be a lot of beauty in the middle of Winter. With the absence of strong bright colours, my eye is enjoying the many muted tones and shades of brown, white and blue that seem to making up my January days.

I wanted for this months Styling the Seasons, to really relish in all that January is to me. Especially as I think that’s the essence, and lovely thing about Styling the Seasons; it’s all about finding the special and best bits of each month.

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