How to create a calm and simple children’s bedroom. Plus thoughts on how to make a tidy space whilst giving her the freedom to be the sort of six year old she wants to be? Here are some of the rooms I have been loving and looking at for inspiration. All photo credits are at the bottom of the post.One of the next projects with our house restoration is to create a calm and simple children’s bedroom for Bailey.

I have a few really clear ideas of how I would like the space to be, but there is still lots to decide.

Here are some of the rooms I have been loving and looking at for inspiration. All photo credits are at the bottom of the post. I have of course been using Pinterest lots and it’s still one of my favourite ways to work out how I want a room to look and feel.

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Here's an update on our progress with our simple kitchen renovation. We used V33 floor paint on our old tiled floor, and it has totally transformed the space. Read more at Geoffrey and Grace...

We are nearly there with our simple kitchen makeover at last! I can now see the end in sight.

For those that have been following along on Instagram stories you’ll know that for part of the renovation we painted the floor with V33 tile floor paint ‘Moondust’.

It always amazes me how changing the floor impacts the space so dramatically. Where there were old red tiles before, there is now this unified pale grey colour. It make the whole space feel a lot bigger and the light bounces off it beautifully.

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Plans and inspiration for our simple kitchen: follow us as we update and restore a room that hasn't been touched in over thirty years. Photography credit Stephen Kent

About this time last year I shared this post about our house restoration and some plans for a simple kitchen. We were looking into simplifying and updating it since the space has not been decorated for a good thirty years. Well, shortly after writing that, I was asked to collaborate with British Gypsum on creating an inspirational work space with a magnetic wall (catch up with that here). The work room got all my attention, and the kitchen was forgotten about.

A whole year later and not much has happened. The space was left halfway finished. In fact, you couldn’t even say that. Here’s a re-cap of what we have done so far…

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house restoration – kitchen inspiration

house restoration - kitchen inspiration on Geoffrey & Grace
We have, at last, started to renovate and restore our Victorian home. In the last week we have had plumbers and electricians come and go as we take the initial steps into creating a living space that works for our family.

I’d forgotten how much time it took to find good workmen, and schedule them in. Also how some work creates an amazing amount of dust! It’s hard to keep it contained, and the dust just manages to drift throughout the house, meaning it can take days to clean up properly.

We are planning to restore this building in a sympathetic way, keeping as much of the original building and fittings as possible.

There are several areas that we are focusing on this year, but currently, at the forefront of our mind is the kitchen, which is why I am here today sharing some kitchen inspiration…

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