It was just over a month ago that I shared our renovation plans for a Simple Children’s Bedroom. One of my favourite things is uncovering the layers of history that are present in this house. Even when doing something as simple as sanding back the paint on the fireplace, many layers of paint are revealed. I always feel a little torn about which bits to decorate - and by doing so cover up the beautiful decay - and which bits to leave bare and just as they are. 

It was just over a month ago that I shared our plans for a Simple Children’s Bedroom for Bailey (if you missed that post you can catch up with those plans here).

We are making really good progress with the renovation so far and I managed to get lots of the preparing and painting done over the Easter holidays. However, things are taking a little longer than I initially thought they would. I underestimated how much work would be involved in decorating a whole room by myself, plus of course I am juggling finishing the room, with work, and looking after Bailey too. It’s slowly coming together but there is still quite a bit to do…

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styling the seasons June – cherries and Sweet Williams

cherries and sweet williams on the Geoffrey & Grace blog

June to me is cherries and Sweet Williams. It’s the first time of the year that I spot them both in the shops and I can’t wait to buy them, bring them home, and have them on our kitchen table.

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succulent love – a green gift

Corner of my home on the Geoffrey & Grace blog

I mentioned in my last Styling the Seasons that I wanted to get more house plants for our home. It’s a bit of a new area for me, I’m ok with growing things in the garden, but plants for inside the house I find a bit more of a challenge. I thought some help and inspiration might be in order, and you can imagine my delight when I came across the lovely Urban Jungle Bloggers, who’s mission is to share plant shaped ideas by the bucket load. Stemming from their love of plants and interiors, Igor Josifiovic of  Happy Interior Blog and Judith de Graaff of, wanted to gather together an online community of plant lovers and folk who wish to be a little green fingered.

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Utility – lovely things for your home

lovely home-ware stuff on the Geoffrey & Grace blog

Sharing one of my favourite home-ware shops this sign on the Geoffrey & Grace blog

Utility is a fantastic little store, situated in the heart of Brighton. It sells ‘no-nonsense household goods’ made by Utility themselves, and by other independent manufacturers. If you are not Sussex based, do not fear as they also have an online shop. Here are some pictures I took on a recent visit.

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corner of my home

corner of my home on the Geoffrey & Grace blog

I thought it was time for a little house update, plus a few pictures of a corner of my home that has recently been spruced.

Even though we have only been in our new house four short months, I feel more relaxed and at home here then I ever did in our previous house. This is somewhat to do with how contented I feel here, and partly because we would never have to move again if we didn’t want to. We can’t outgrow this house in terms of the demands of our family, and knowing that this home has that longevity makes me feel very settled.

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