Inspired By Nature with Fare Isle on Geoffrey & GracePhoto courtesy of Kaity @fareisle

I’m really excited to introduce you to a new series that I am starting on the blog today. Nature has always been a big inspiration to me, so I wanted to look at this in more depth, and talk to some folk that hold nature at the centre of their way of life. I’m thrilled to have some great people lined up that are so inspired by nature, that it shapes their work life, and the way they choose to live with their families.

I’m particularly interested in whether nature helps us slow down and supports a slow living lifestyle. I wanted to get some other peoples thoughts on whether working with nature helps them live in a more mindful and wholehearted way.

First up we have a lady who lives in one of the most beautiful parts of the world, the island of Nantucket. She is surrounded by nature at its best, and the landscape around her informs what she does. She grows and wild-harvest’s many of the ingredients for her produce, and focuses on farm to table pantry items, wellness products, and also offers a Chef Service. I am delighted to introduce you to Kaity from Fare Isle.

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homemade raspberry & peach popsicles

homemade raspberry & peach popsicles on the Geoffrey & Grace blog

Am wanting to share this homemade raspberry & peach popsicles recipe with you today. We have had so many raspberries from the garden, more than I know what to do with, and I have been searching to find snacks for Bailey that are on the healthy side. These popsicles are perfect because they are basically just fruit and will use up some of our raspberries.

When we bought this house, we knew the garden needed a lot of work, but somehow we had missed the fact that there were raspberry plants already established. It sure has been a lovely treat this summer to be able to pop out the back door and simply pick some fruit.

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