beautiful decay - the art of restoration

If you read ‘house restoration – kitchen inspiration’, you will know that we are beginning to restore our Victorian family home.

We are learning that there is a bit of an art to restoration; knowing what to leave untouched, and what to update and renew, is a balance that you want to spend some time getting right.

One of the best things about restoring this house of ours, is the beautiful decay we get to uncover. To lift up ancient carpet, and reveal old wooden boards, to peel off wall paper, with the anticipation of what may be underneath…

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is ‘slow decorating’ a thing..?

decorating with intention with Geoffrey & Grace image found on Pinterest
Image – Sally and Mark Bailey’s home Whitecross Farm on Remodelista

We have been in our house for one year now. More and more I am thinking about how slow living impacts our home, especially with regards to renovating and decorating it. We are definitely taking a slow approach to doing up our victorian home, but is that down to our circumstances, more than a defined intention? Is there such a thing as ‘slow decorating’ and if so… what on Earth does that mean?

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mini makes – vintage bed sheet shower curtain


“At last!” I hear you say… the second in the mini makes series.

It took a bit longer than I hoped, but there has been Christmas, New Year, and a whole manner of other things happening. Anyway here it is, a video tutorial on how to make your own vintage bed sheet shower curtain. The video isn’t even 3 minutes long so won’t take you a moment to watch. It really is an easy way to bring some fabulous vintage florals to brighten up your bathroom. It only takes about 20 minutes to make – depending on how much sewing you will need to do. Happy making and as always please share anything you make. Tweet pictures to @geoffreyngrace using the hashtag #gngminimakes

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