Slow fashion with Brooklyn label Muny

slow fashion with Brooklyn label Muny on Geoffrey & Grace

For lots of you reading this ‘slow Fashion’ may be a new concept. Most of the fashion industry is face paced; from the design stage to mass production, garments have a fast turn around so they can be sold at a low cost. This, and trends that come and go with each season encourage buyers to over consume.  ‘Slow fashion,’ is a term that was conceived in 2008 by sustainable design consultant Kate Fletcher, she wanted to not just look at how environmentally friendly a single item of clothing is, but she also wanted to address the speed of the whole fashion cycle.

If you follow me over on Instagram you will have already noticed me sharing some big love for the independent label Muny who do ‘slow fashion’ incredibly well. They make beautiful handcrafted clothes for children and women, and also have a range of accessories. Designed in Brooklyn, NY, all the clothes are made from natural fabrics, and are made using wood block printing, handloom weaving, and hand dyeing.

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vintage fabric girl’s dress

vintage fabric girls dressThis vintage fabric girl’s dress is one of my latest makes. I have been working on several things for Margot and have been using the Worthing Art Trail as a bit of a deadline to work towards.

Made from a thrifted vintage pillowcase, it is a one off, as I now only have the cutting scraps left. I just love the beautiful open flower print, and the soft pink / brown tones of the fabric.

It’s great to be able to finally finish a few pieces off. I get such enjoyment from having a play like this, and taking some photos of what I have made. For me this is just as much fun as the making itself.

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making momentum – vintage dress

making momentum - vintage dress

Thought I’d stop by with a little making update. Since my pledge back in March for it to be a month of making, I wanted to let you know how I am getting on. Well it’s May if you can believe it, so I have had two months to make my little socks off… how much do you think I’ve done?

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an ode to dungarees – what we wore

ode to dungarees

Oh I do love a pair of dungarees. I find them so comfy and they go with absolutely anything, which means I end up wearing them lots. I always feel ‘good’ in my dungarees, plus they have the added bonus of having lots of pockets –  I’m a big fan of pockets. Read More

vintage high waisted A-line skirt

Geoffrey & Grace makes - high waisted A-line skirt

My latest make is this A-line high waisted skirt that I have adapted from a vintage pattern. The fabric was thrifted from a charity shop and it’s previous life was a double duvet cover. There is lots of the fabric left, which I have already earmarked for something else.

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