Creating is where a big part of my light comes from and is fundamental to my well being, and living a wholehearted life. It is as necessary for me to create and express as it is for me to breath in and out.  The very wise Brene Brown says “Unused creativity is not benign. It metastasizes. It turns into grief, rage, judgement, sorrow, shame.” Creativity is an energy, a life force, it needs to feed into something - if it goes unused it doesn't just evaporate. If we're not going to allow it to flow into creation of some kind then it makes sense that it will fester and manifest in some other form. More on GeoffreyandGrace.com

Where did you go to?

I miss the light you set free,

Time to come back please.


I have been sitting at my computer for over 30 minutes now, typing without really saying very much. It’s like a muscle gone un-stretched. It feels a little weird and wobbly to be writing here but, boy have I missed it.

Actually, May and June were full of typing with the freelance writing work I’ve been doing (super thankful about all of that and I’ll let you know when the pieces are out) and of course busy publishing The Slow Living Retreat – which was great fun. Connecting with you all on here feels very different though. And now that I get started, it feels as though there is lots to say, like it has all been simmering away under the surface waiting for the opportunity to be released. Too much for one blog post that’s for sure.

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