What a slow home means to me and why it's important. Plus, some things to think about if you wish to create a calm and slow living space.

Since buying this house, over three years ago now, we have been trying to create a slow and simple home. There are some weeks when I glance around our home and the space is far from slow and simple, and having a slow home feels as elusive as ever.

When you are in the midst of house renovations there are bound to be patches of chaos. We have spent the last few weeks with the house feeling topsy turvy whilst we restored a sash window and then moved all the furniture out of one room into another in order to paint a floor (more on that later.)

Recently, I’ve been getting frustrated with how slow the progress has been. I know it’s ironic for some one who writes about slow living to admit that, but I just wish we could speed things up a little. How your home feels, and the space around you can have a really big impact on your well-being, and at the moment I am definitely craving more calm and order from our home.

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Here's an update on our progress with our simple kitchen renovation. We used V33 floor paint on our old tiled floor, and it has totally transformed the space. Read more at Geoffrey and Grace...

We are nearly there with our simple kitchen makeover at last! I can now see the end in sight.

For those that have been following along on Instagram stories you’ll know that for part of the renovation we painted the floor with V33 tile floor paint ‘Moondust’.

It always amazes me how changing the floor impacts the space so dramatically. Where there were old red tiles before, there is now this unified pale grey colour. It make the whole space feel a lot bigger and the light bounces off it beautifully.

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