Interview with 5ftinf Philippa Stanton in Lionheart Magazine Issue 7 Photographs and words Melanie Barnes

Some of you may recognise this table top as that of artist Philippa Stanton, who is perhaps better know as 5ftinf on Instagram. I had the absolute pleasure of interviewing her at her home in Brighton last Autumn, for the wonderful independent publication Lionheart magazine. The focus for this latest issue is ‘Art’ and I knew Philippa would have some fascinating things to say on the subject, so I couldn’t wait to chat to her.

It was so great to hear more about her work, what creativity means for her, and of course there were lots of conversations about Instagram. I could have hung out with Philippa all day, and it was a real treat to photograph her whilst she worked, and to see inside her lovely home. Not to mention a peek inside the treasure trove that is the famous shed (where Philippa paints, and also is the starting point for her yearly art installation).

You can read the full interview in Lionheart – issue 7, which is out now. Buy your copy here.

Also, I thought you’d all love to see some extra photos from the shoot that day… Enjoy!

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space to be creative

Geoffrey & Grace - creative playSomething has been stuck in my head since the weekend, so I wanted to share what’s been buzzing around my brain on here, in the hope that it would help shift it.

I have been describing the 5ftinf workshop to friends and family and sometimes I get the impression that people are finding it difficult to grasp hold of what I was actually doing… “so you were playing with flowers”?! Granted these are mostly people who live outside the world of Instagram. For those of us who love Instagram the way we do, a world without Instagram is hard to imagine. Of course when I show them the photographs, they see how beautiful they are, it all clicks into place, and they get what I was talking about.

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5ftinf workshop

5ftinf workshop on Geoffrey & Grace

Last saturday I had a dream of a day. I went to a workshop run by Philippa Stanton of 5ftinf. It was a lovely small affair and was held at her family home in Brighton. What you see pictured above is one of my creations from what was a fantastic day.

If you haven’t come across Philippa’s work before, have a look at her blog where you can find out more about the work she does as an artist. You should also look at her beautiful Instagram account, where she takes table top stills at the infamous 5ftinf table (which you’ll be pleased to know I took plenty of pictures of).

Her Instagram feed was one of the first I came across, and I instantly fell in love with it for its colour and texture. She sure is good at filling a simple square frame full of colour and joy.

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