The Slow Living Retreat

The Slow Living Retreat is a free book designed to help you slow down, simplify things and create enough space in your day to reconnect back to yourself. It’s so important that we learn to listen to our bodies in order to experience those wonderfully wholehearted moments that are present every day. By making a few simple changes, and identifying your priorities, you can turn your attention to the important things in life.

Here’s some of what we are going to look at during The Slow Living Retreat…

  • What’s motivating you to slow down?

  • How to get the best from technology without eating up all your time

  • Tips on how to slow your home.

  • Why breath is fundamental and why it’s important to listen to your body.

  • Why we need to recognise self care as a priority, and how to make time for it in your week.

  • And finally, what ‘wholehearted slow living’ is and how to take the pressure off.

You will receive a new email every day for the next week exploring a different aspect of slow living, including actionable things you can try at home to help you find more slow and wholehearted moments in your days. At the end of the week the whole book is available to download and keep.



Below you can read comments from other folk that have completed the Slow Living Retreat #theslowlivingretreat.

“I’ve loved your slow living retreat, inspiring and practical and relevant. Have started doing the breathing exercises and found them wonderful. I’m going away soon and I’ve written it on my list to re read all through again. Many thanks Melanie for a calm and instructive retreat.” Niki


“This has been lovely. Thank you for these reminders and advice.  I will look back over your mails again and again. Thank you again for putting this together.”  Siobhan


“I read every text of the retreat with great interest, and I must say I still have a long way to go on the “slow life” journey. I think I’ll have to take time to read it again and do the exercises at my own rhythm. There is one thing I have put into practice already: leaving my iPhone in a room instead of having it with me all the time. Whenever I manage to do this, I can observe that I am more present at what I do. I still have to discipline myself on that matter, but I’m on my way! Thank you very much for all these ideas and reflexions, which increased my wish to slow down.” Juliette


“Thank you very much for putting this out there for us all. I have enjoyed it very much this week. Also, I think the way you have written it, is particularly lovely – Beautifully written and really thoughtful.”  Corinne


“I just want to thank you for this inspiring e-book you’ve made. It was a pleasure to read it daily and reflect on it. I recognised a lot of things and already put many aspects in practice. But it’s a process and it often feels like one has to go against the stream in this society. I wish you a beautiful and slow week! Lovely greetings from Belgium,” Nausika