Slow living reflect: moments captured

photo by Ellie @petalplum for slow living reflect on Geoffrey & Grace
Photo courtesy of Ellie @petalplum

June’s focus for the #slowliving_ project was ‘reflect’. Again, it was a word that summed up how both Danielle and I have been feeling of late, as the project reaches its one year anniversary at the end of the month.

It’s only natural to feel reflective when something is coming to a close. For those that are new to the project (and a little reminder for those that have been present since the beginning), here is why we started the slow living collaboration

After a busy few months at the end of last spring I wrote a post about ‘My Summer of Slow Living‘. It seemed to resonate with so many people, and I was suddenly aware of this deep desire to slow down. Not just from myself and my family, but from friends and blog readers too.

There seemed to be this instant community of people looking for an alternative way to live their lives. Longing for a slower and more meaningful approach, as opposed to the busy hustle of life that we sometimes find ourselves automatically falling into. After a bit of thought, it seemed pretty clear to me, and actually very simple too… we are all after the same thing… those wholehearted and connected moments that fuel our existence. When we are whizzing through the day it’s so easy to miss those bits. By slowing things down, and taking a breath every now and again, we create the space required to be present in those wonderfully wholehearted moments.

It really got me thinking about how to encourage myself (and others) to incorporate more slow living in our day-to-day lives. Which is when I contacted Danielle to see if she would be interested in creating a hashtag project on Instagram that would build a community of folk wanting to slow down. We thought that in order to help others actively find a slower rhythm it would be great to focus on a different aspects of slow living each month.

You can catch up with the previous months themes and selections of photographs from the community by clicking here.

As always, throughout June, there were lots of wonderful moments shared and you can see all the photos in the gallery here.

Here are my selections for June’s ‘slow living reflect’….

photo by Louise Gibbens @loopygibbens for slow living reflect

Photo courtesy of Louise @loopygibbens


photo by Amanda @amandajanedalby for slow living reflect on Geoffrey & Grace
Photo courtesy of Amanda @amandajanedalby


photo by Katrien @growingwildthings for slow living reflect on Geoffrey & Grace

Photo courtesy of Katrien @growingwildthings


photo by Dorte @lewesmap for slow living reflect on Geoffrey & Grace

Photo courtesy of Dorte @lewesmap


photo by Victoria @justordinaryfolk for slow living reflect on Geoffrey & Grace

Photo courtesy of  Victoria @justordinaryfolk


photo by Filipa @livingslower for slow living reflect on Geoffrey & Grace

Photo courtesy of Filipa @livingslower


photo by Andrea @dearlittlewolves for slow living reflect on Geoffrey & Grace

Photo courtesy of Andrea @dearlittlewolves


photo by @apolina_kids for slow living reflect on Geoffrey & Grace

Photo courtesy of @apolina_kids


photo by @mrsnomi for slow living reflect on Geoffrey & Grace

Photo courtesy of @mrsnomi


photo by Jessica @vanillalemoncake for slow living reflect on Geoffrey & Grace

Photo courtesy of Jessica @vanillalemoncake

Please also head over to Danielle’s blog Hippie In Disguise to see her selection.

On to the final focus for the project. We decided to bring the collaboration full circle by finishing on the word ‘explore’, which was the very first theme, back in August last year. The Summer (and the Winter in the Southern Hempisphere) are the perfect seasons to get out and explore your surroundings, and we look forward to seeing your #slowliving_explore moments captured.

To celebrate the project reaching its first birthday, and to say thank you to all that have contributed and made the project what it is over the last 12 months, we wanted to offer a handful of prizes. We are so thrilled to have teamed up with MOA (Magic Organic Apothecary) who are providing six lucky winners with a beautiful gift box containing their wonderful Daily Cleansing Ritual, and an Aphrodite Facial Oil (pictured below).

MOA competition for slow living project on Geoffrey & Grace
Competition details:

To enter you just need to tag your photo on Instagram with #slowliving_explore (you can tag as many as you like), also you need to make sure you are following MOA @magicorganicapothecary Danielle @hippieindisguise and myself @geoffreyandgrace on Instagram too.

You can read more about the Aphrodite Facial Oil, and the Daily Cleansing Ritual, which is made up of The MOA Green Balm and Bamboo Face Cloth here.

The competition is open until Friday the 19th of August, and photos entered after this date will not be considered.

Good luck everyone.

Finally we have had so many wonderful contributions to the project that neither Danielle or myself want to see it come to a close. We have therefore been thinking of ways to move the project forward in a slightly different capacity. Further details about this to follow next month.

Don’t forget to check out our Pinterest board ‘Slow Living Moments‘, as it’s a wonderful source of slow living inspiration.

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