slow living movement winner and September’s theme

Well, that was August, if you can believe it! What a great start to the slow living hashtag collaboration that Danielle from Hippie in Disguise and I started over on Instagram. Thanks so much to everyone who shared a picture using the hashtag #slowliving_explore. We were both so thrilled by how the hashtag seemed to inspire others, and us, to seek out a slower pace, and hunt down those moments of wholehearted exploration. The hashtag is brimming with beautiful images, and Danielle and I have had a hard time picking our favourites. There is a grid over on Instagram of some we really loved, but my absolute favourite is this image below by Naomi Srilawong from @lightlovers

#slow living explore favourite by Naomi Srilawong @lightlovers

I really love the contrast of this picture; that dark foreground against the blue sky with those soft whispy white clouds, that you can only see the outlines of their busy little bodies, completely engrossed in that moment of exploration. What I love most about it though, is that I can feel the fun that those three are having – makes me smile everytime I look at it. Congratulations Naomi, it’s a great picture.

To see the pictures Danielle has chosen, head over to her blog.

So on to September… the theme and tag for this month is #slowliving_create.

We’d love for you to inspire us and share those pictures that capture a moment of you lost in pure creation, reminding us how important it is to make space to be creative everyday. In the last couple of years, it has become more apparent to me just how important it is to set time aside for creative play, I now know it is essential for my wellbeing. If you look for them, there are lots of opportunities to be creative. We hope throughout September you will live a little slower, and find some time to wholeheartedly create.

Really looking forward to seeing your pictures. Happy creating.



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