How to make time for some slow living moments in your day. Photo by @darlingbudsofme for #slowlivingforlife Winter Favourites

photo by Lisa @darlingbudsofme

It’s been a while since I shared any of the wonderful photographs that are captured using the hashtag #slowlivingforlife, so I thought I would pop in with some Winter favourites. Here are a selection of images that make me exhale and feel calm just by looking at them.

If you are new to the blog, firstly “hello”, secondly, let me just explain a little bit about the idea behind the hashtag. I wanted to encourage others to seek out slow and wholehearted moments in their day, and highlight that slow living is not just a fad that is ‘on trend’, but a lifestyle choice that can have great impact on your wellbeing and quality of life.

The gallery is such a great way to find some slow living inspiration, and a great place to find a community of people wanting to slow things down and keep it simple. If you are new to Instagram, or seeking similar accounts, browsing the hashtag can be a great way to connect with like-minded people.

If you haven’t joined in before, anyone can participate. Simply share a photograph that represents a piece of slow living from your day and put the hashtag #slowlivingforlife in the comment. It couldn’t be easier 🙂

At some point this week there will be a grid of some of my favourite photos that have been taken during Winter over on Instagram, and below is a handful of images that really jumped out at me. Enjoy.

#slowlivingforlife Winter favourites selection

How to make time for some slow living moments in your day. Photo by @theolivetreesandthemoon for #slowlivingforlife Winter Favourites
photo by Cat @theolivetreesandthemoon


photo by Jessica @blakeacresfor #slowlivingforlife Winter Favourites

photo by Jessica @blakeacres


photo by Mirva @ofsimplicity for #slowlivingforlife Winter Favouritesphoto by Mirva @ofsimplicity


photo by Lydia @peschkart for #slowlivingforlife Winter Favourites

photo by Lydia @peschkart


photo by @foreadventure for #slowlivingforlife Winter Favourites

photo by @foreadventure


If you want to catch up with the previous posts and photographs from the slow living collaboration, you can do so here.

Thanks as always for sharing.



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  • Paula Solar

    I love these photographs… each one of them has something unique but what they all have in common is the love and the peace they make you feel somehow. Having said that, my favourite one is the one with the cabin, although I love them all as I said. There’s something charming about solitary cabins that catches my eye, it’s probably the mystery and the many questions that I think about: who lives there? is it abandoned? what kind of life to the owners have? is it haunted? is it warm inside? The stories, the possibilities…

    #slowlivingforlife is one of my favourite hashtags because when I click on it and it leads to an amazing gallery of photographs (not mine, everyone else’s) that gives me peace and comfort. The community you’ve created makes me feel good and ever since Sara discovered the hashtag for me through her newsletter. I was learning to use hashtags and how wrong I was thinking that they were created to attract people and make them see my photos (they make us think so, whoever invented instagram), it’s so much more than that! How was I supposed to know that I was going to meet so many lovely women through them. You should win a gold medal for this one. And I will try my best to be featured here at least once… I promise.

    I will be watching this space 😉
    hugs xxx