photo by @tete_de_linoth for #slowlivingforlife October Favourites

Photo courstey of @tete_de_linoth

Wow! There are over 4,700 photos in the ‘slow living for life’ gallery. Thank you so much for joining in.

Here are the images that I particularly loved this month. You can see all the other wonderful photos that are being shared in the gallery here.

photo by @wee_parmenters for #slowlivingforlife October FavouritesPhoto courtesy of @wee_parmenters


photo by @thewoodlandwife for #slowlivingforlife October Favourites

Photo courstey of @thewoodlandwife


photo by @justordinaryfolk for #slowlivingforlife October FavouritesPhoto courstey of @justordinaryfolk


photo by @treeoftash for #slowlivingforlife October Favouritesphoto courtesy of Natasha @treeoftash


photo by @vanillalemoncake for #slowlivingforlife October FavouritesPhoto courtesy of @vanillalemoncake


photo by @jana.cioskova for slow living for life hashtag project October FavouritesPhoto courtesy of @jana.cioskova


I love this group of photographs for their sense of space and their focus on nature – two things that always help me to slow down and reconnect. Plus how cute is that little forest gnome costume 🙂

If you read either Hippie in Disguise (Danielle’s blog), or this blog but haven’t joined in with the slow living for life hashtag project yet, it’s so easy to do. You just need to share a photograph on Instagram that represents or captures what ‘slow living’ means for you. I look for those wholehearted moments when I am perfectly present, and am just taking in all the goodness and beauty that is around. Simply upload your photo and write #slowlivingforlife in the comment under the photo – easy right. I would love you to help spread the slow living love – it’s where the magic happens.

I’ll be back with some more photographs from the slow living for life gallery next month.

Also, if you are after more slow living inspiration you can head over to our Pinterest board Slow Living Moments, where you’ll find all the wonderful photos from the previous months.


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