photo by @veronikaGphotography for #slowlivingforlife September Favourites

photo courtesy of @veronikagphotography

It’s been about a month since Danielle from Hippie In Disguise and I started the new slow living hashtag ‘slow living for life’ and today I wanted to share my first selection of photographs from the gallery.

Thanks to all that have participated so far. Remember the hashtag has no monthly theme now. Anyone can join in and share a photo on Instagram, you just have to put the hashtag #slowlivingforlife in your caption. I’m really looking forward to seeing the gallery grow full of slow living inspiration.

Here are my favourites moments shared from September and there is a grid over on Instagram too.

I loved the caption that went with Veronika’s photo (featured above)…

“Treasures from this morning. Days are colder but still warm and beautiful. At least 2 hours walk with many stops with this boy every morning brings me so much joy – peace to mind. Time gets slower, details get bigger, nothing goes unseen…”  

It’s amazing what we notice when we take the time to really be present and see. It sounds like a pretty perfect morning to me.

These next few pictures capture a precious moment and golden light, Autumn finds arranged in a slow and mindful way, barn exploring, and a solitary walk – all beautiful.

photo by @inlovewithjands for #slowlivingforlife September Favourites
photo courtesy of @inlovewithjands


photo by @rachelthomasjones for #slowlivingforlife September Favourites

photo courtesy of @rachelthomasjones


photo by @onbeing_kristy for #slowlivingforlife September Favourites

photo courtesy of @onbeing_kristy 


Slow living for life photo by @jana.cioskova for #slowlivingforlife September Favourites

photo courtesy of @jana.cioskova

Don’t forget you can look through the gallery over on Instagram for more slow living inspiration. Plus, there is the wonderful Pinterest board Slow Living Moments too. Do pop over to Pinterest for a look and a follow if you haven’t already.

I’ll be back at the end of next month with more slow living photographs to motivate you to seek out some wholehearted moments in your day. Have a lovely October.

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