earth day and an instameet

earth day and an instameet on Geoffrey & Grace

Today, the 22nd of April, is Earth day; A chance to think about this wonderful planet of ours that we all call home. The Earth Day movement was created 46 years ago to spread awareness to make sure we are all doing what we can to reduce our impact on the world, keeping this incredible revolving rock of ours healthy and thriving for generations to come.

Sarah-Lou from Lapinblu and I have organised an Instameet for this Saturday the 23rd of April to coincide with celebrating Earth Day and to help make others aware of the Earth Day movement. If you are a regular reader you will know about my love for Instagram, not only because it’s a place to share wholehearted moments captured through photography, but also because it is a social network that has a wonderful sense of community. Instameets are a great opportunity to connect with some of the brilliantly creative people you get to know online, in real life.

earth day and an instameet on Geoffrey & Grace

We are meeting at one of the most inspiring places in Sussex – Cuckmere Haven, and we’ll spend the morning getting creative with nature and having some picture taking fun.

Anyone is welcome, and the more the merrier. For all the details please see the bottom of this post.

As for reducing your carbon footprint on the planet, here are 6 simple things you can start to do today which will help the environment…

1. Eat less meat – As a family we are vegetarian, but I know lots of people that love eating meat, and would find it very hard to go cold turkey (pardon the pun) and give it up altogether – even if you cut your intake down and ate 2-3 vegetarian meals a week, that would be a great start.

2. Have an off-grid night – Turn off your televisions and radios, and read a book or play a board game as a family. This is of course far easier to do in the summer, when there is no need for heating or lights, but scrabble by candle light (with maybe an extra jumper) sounds pretty good to me too.

3. Shop locally – By walking to do your shopping, and supporting local producers you obviously reduce the transportation involved in moving the food from the farm to the kitchen table. Also though (importantly), smaller local farms will be invested in the land and the countryside around them and will want to protect and support the fields they are farming on. They are more likely to farm in a sustainable way and use less pesticides and chemicals.

4. Opt out of Junk mail – Here in the U.K you can fill in a form from Royal Mail that allows you to opt out from receiving leaflets and any unaddressed promotional material. I have only just signed up to do this, so I’m yet to see what difference this makes. We will put up a polite notice too, and in other countries I think this is perhaps all you need to do, but here in England the staff at The Royal Mail are told to ignore such signs! I am sure though that we get leaflets dropped through the door from other sources so hopefully a sign would deter them.

5. Start Composting – any food waste you create as a family can be composted. Simply by  separating out your food waste, you will automatically cut down how much waste you put in your kitchen bin. Here in England I think most local councils will give you a composting bin for free, you just need to ask. You could also a try a wormery. We have one, and worms will eat most things, apart from onion skins, and other acidic waste – it’s all about the PH balance when it comes to happy worms.

6. Sign your name on the Earth day website – this will literally take you 1 minute! That’s about as low on the commitment scale as you can get. Plus, by being a ‘Citizen Signer‘ you are guaranteed to get that warm fuzzy feeling inside knowing you are doing something good.

To find out more about how else you can help reduce your carbon footprint head over to the Earth Day Network.

earth day and an instameet on Geoffrey & Grace

Sussex Instameet details:

Saturday the 23rd of April 10.30am Cuckmere Haven.

We will meet in the Seven Sisters Country car park at Exceat and then walk down to the beach together from there (which takes about 20 mins).

You can find Sarah-Lou and I on Instagram by following @lapinblu and @geoffreyandgrace. It would be great if you could let us know if you are coming so we know how many folk to wait for – just chat to us on Instagram. Please tag all pictures you take on the meet (or any before or after which are instameet related) with #InstameetEarthdaySussex  #WWIM13 #LifeOnEarthWWIM13


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