the world according to Bailey (4 years old)

the world according to Bailey on Geoffrey & Grace

Bailey, who just turned four, has of course been talking for ages, but recently she has been saying some particularly wonderful things. I have been trying to commit them to my memory, and have actually started jotting them down.

Four is the age that sees her wanting to climb and hide under our kitchen table. She loves to jumble herself around my legs whilst I am finishing off breakfast. Her vocabulary is very good, but she still says things ’incorrectly’, which often makes them all the more perfect. When she was a little younger she would mispronounce the word ‘elephant’, and say ‘elphalent’ (elle-fa-lent). It made me so happy to hear her almost get the word right, that I wasn’t in any hurry to correct her. I knew she’d get it eventually, and I knew a bit of me would be sad that she was no longer saying ‘elphalent’.

Now, she is pretty good with the pronunciation of most things, but it is the tenses that seem to slip her up. She often will say something like… “Mummy I am very exciting, that my friend is coming.”, or “I winned, I winned.”

Her choice of words, and what she talks about, gives me such a good insight to her take on the world. Just this morning at breakfast we were having a conversation about how Daddy takes the train to work, but some people drive, and some people walk etc. She then said the sweetest thing “when I grow-up I will take the train to work just like Daddy, because then we can go together, coz Daddy will still be working when I am big.” I thought it funny that she was not interested in what she will do for ‘work’, but how she got there was of great concern.

Here are some things she has said over the last 6 months, a little snippet of the world according to Bailey …

“I just needed to get my blink back. Because I lost if for a while.” (Whilst blinking quickly).

“Mummy… Yesterday I wished I was a fairy, but it just hasn’t come true. I really want to fly. Can you see if I’ve got any wings?”

“I don’t want peas! Bad, bad, bad Mummy!” Actually she really likes peas.

“He needs a boys toy Mummy, because he’s a boy…”

“Children never be busy, do they Mummy, they just enjoy skipping and playing.”

Having asked her five times to wash her hands I said with exasperation. “Bailey are you listening!” Bailey said “No, my listening ears are off right now.”

“I know all the numbers Mummy… number twifty.”

“We’ve got to be quiet Mummy, coz there’s a wolf in the back bedroom. That means no jingly noises.” 

“It’s nice to have your back scratched Mummy. It’s a nice thing to do before bed.”

“If you say sorry and listen to the plan, you’ll be my friend again.”

“Mummy do you know what comes up if you step on the cracks… Bears and crocodiles.” (I think I might have Charlie and Lola to thank for this one).

On how to play hide and seek. “We take it in turns, that way you have hiding skills as well as counting skills.”

Whilst playing doctors… “Bear’s got a temperature… it means he needs a poo.”

Talking about a picture she’d drawn…
Me – “Wow Bailey that’s really good… Are they her eyes?”
Bailey – “Yes.”
Me – “Is that a her mouth?” 
Bailey – “Yes.”
Me – “And what good ears.”
Bailey – “No Mummy that’s not her ear. That’s the inside of her brain.”

“We can have sweets! But my friends can’t have their sweets till they’ve eaten the rest of their lunch, coz that’s the deal. I make up the deal when it’s my party.”

“Mummy, Mummy, feel my teeth… they’re really shiny.”

“Ow! That hurt Mummy, not for pretend, but for real life.”

“Mummy I’m scareing the traffic away, so we can cross the road.” (Whilst singing noisily at any passing car – “baa baa baa baa”).

I hope that brought a little smile to your day. I would love to hear any gems your children have said…


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