the world according to Bailey (4 & a half) on Geoffrey & Grace

Thanks for all your well wishes about starting school. So far, so good.

It’s been a little while since I’ve done one of these posts, so I thought I would share some of the wonderful things Bailey has said over the last three months or so –  life through the eyes of a four and a half year old.

Her language is still punctuated by ‘4 year old talk’, she mispronounces things, or gets the tense wrong. Or she’ll use words or phrases that are beyond her years, which instantly makes them funny. Best of all though, is the little glimpse we get into her imagination and sense of humour. The way she gets lost in her creative play is something else, and it is quite magical to be around.

Here is the world according to Bailey….

Me – “Bailey can you get the butter off the table?”
Bailey – “I can’t mummy I am ice skating…”

“My tummy feels funny. It feels like it wants lots of cuddles.”

“That’s why I asked for it to rain…so the caterpillars and animals had something to drink.”

Best teeth cleaning excuse ever…
Me – “Come on B we need to clean your teeth!”
Bailey – “Wait… wait mummy, I need to get my mouth ready.”

Me – “Bailey have you got your socks on yet?”
Bailey – “No mummy, I’ve just been waving my wand around for a bit, I’m going to get my socks on now.”

Me – “You’ve got paint all over you!”
Bailey – “That’s coz I did ‘arting’ at nursery.”

“Mummy, I’ll tell you the secret password… ‘duck, chicken, hand’.”

“We were playing doctors mummy, and I put a book on her tummy coz I had to examinate her.”

“Mummy it’s itchy under my skin.”

Whilst explaining to her that she didn’t exist when we had our wedding…..
Bailey – “Was I not on this world?”
Me – “No.”
Bailey – “Was I in a different country?”
Me – “No, mummy and daddy hadn’t made you yet….”
Bailey – “What with glue and stuff?”

Whilst playing doctors…
Me – “Sweetheart..?”
Bailey – “I’m a doctor mummy, not a sweetheart.”

“Nothing lands on Bailey.”

“Mummy I’ve got tummy ache, I think there are monsters in my tummy.”

“My shoes feel a bit tight, but I can make my peace with that.”

When she makes a mistake or drops something she’ll say “Oh bumpers!”

Bailey turns her back to me, crosses her arms & sticks out her bottom lip – “Hurrumph”
Me – “What’s wrong?”
Bailey – “I’m just practising at being grumpy.”

Bailey – “I feel all soggy.”
Me – “What all of you?”
Bailey – “Well, just my skin.” 

“You’re my favourite mummy, and I want to nibble you up everyday.”

“Don’t step on the lines in the kitchen mummy or a monkey will pop up and put banana skins on your feet.”

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